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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Vegan Pecan Pie recipe (dairy, gluten, egg, refined sugar, and soy free)

I made this for Thanksgiving and liked it. But be sure to add more maple syrup or other natural sweetener and more brown rice syrup. The recipe is not sweet enough as is. Also, I think the 15 minutes for pre-baking the crust was too long. Might also need a little less total oven time on the 60 minute final bake. Otherwise, really good stuff.

I used organic palm fruit shortening instead of butter.
I used stevia instead of xylitol since I didn't have any xylitol on hand.
I used 3 flax eggs instead of regular eggs. (1 flax egg is made from 1 TBS ground flax seed mixed with 2-3 TBS WATER)


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