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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Toxic Burden: Women Put 515 CHEMICALS on Their Faces Every Day (causing health problems)

"Makeup, perfumes, lotions, mascara, and other beauty products all contribute to the toxic brew that is causing health problems for many women."

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Check out the COVER of SUCCESS FROM HOME magazine: EXFUZE PROVEN PROFORMANCE and HOW ATHLETES OUTPERFORM THE REST (more articles: Nature's Secret to a Healthy Life, The eXfuze MISSION, and Good for the VIVA KIDS!)

Dear Friends and Family,

As much as I thank God every day for my miraculous health improvements from eXfuze products, I'm even more grateful that He has provided me with such an amazing way to make a big difference in the world for impoverished children that need our help desperately (almost 16,000 children die "daily" from hunger-related causes -- 1 child every 5 seconds, according to Bread.org) and to fulfill the verses in Matthew 25:35-40. Success from Home magazine did a nice job capturing the company's heart for kids in need and their desire to transform everyone's lives by bringing them the healthiest products in the world at the most affordable prices on the planet. After 8 years in health ministry, I have never seen anything remotely close to this and certainly not at such low prices: one product that accomplishes what usually requires bunches of products combined to accomplish at immense cost and usually with synthetic versions not organic super-foods free of chemicals and stimulants. This is one of those few times when something that sounds too good to be true, really is true.... But then again, when God builds the house it will stand strong.

And that's exactly what happened when after 10 years of full-time service in 3rd world countries, God called missionary Rick Cotton home from the mission field in 2001 to found Viva Kids, a division of the non-profit organization To Every Nation, and then in 2007 to found and open eXfuze's doors as a for-profit way to support Viva Kids through its gross proceeds. I love that Rick follows the Biblical model of giving on the first fruits not the leftovers. That means that when he gives 1% of eXfuze's gross proceeds to Viva Kids, the kids are taken care of whether eXfuze even makes a profit or not. In addition, 100% of net proceeds from sales of promotional materials, business cards, etc. are given to Viva Kids. Customers and Distributors can even donate organic nutrition bars to the kids and eXfuze will match every donation one for one. These bars are custom-made by eXfuze for the kids' special dietary needs and can be donated either as a one-time purchase or monthly commitment. There are also several fund-raisers that take place throughout the year and are sponsored by eXfuze distributors and partners.

By the way, I love Seven+ PROformance! I just started on it 1 1/2 weeks ago, and by my 7th day already noticed a difference. It gave me even more mental acuity since drinking it first thing in the morning and more energy all day than the classic Seven+. I love the classic product because it gave me and many peopel I care about miraculous health benefits from the very first bottle two years ago (i.e. vision improvement, arthritis pain relief, better sleep, reduced sweet cravings, balanced appetite, etc. ), but I feel that PROformance has kicked everything up a notch or maybe several notches! I can see why professional athletes are raving about it.

Here are some quotes from a few of the many eXfuze articles in the magazine (for your own health benefit, don't miss page 34 and 35 -- WOW!)

Editor's Note from magazine editor, Deborah Heisz (January 2010 issue):
"Inspiration comes in many forms. For eXfuze Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO Rick Cotton, inspiration came years ago when he served as a young missionary in Third World countries. Whether he was working with impoverished children in the Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Venezuela and other countries, or helping raise much-needed operating funds to keep struggling orphanages open, Rick discovered his life's inspiration, and ultimately, his lifes's calling -- a calling that led him to found not only eXfuze, but what would become the company's centerpiece: eXfuze's coporate philanthropy program, Viva Kids.

It's also a healthy way of life for eXfuze fans who live the benefits of this revolutionary product -- a blend of seven unique superfruits. Instead of one superfruit, eXfuze combines seven of the most highly touted exotic fruits, known for their extraordinary antioxidant capacity. Each of the seven main ingredients -- noni, goji, mangosteen, acai, gac, brown seaweed extract and seabuckthorn -- is refined to its most essential and beneficial components through a proprietary extraction proress and then fused together (hence, the company's name). And here's the kicker: While writing about and photographing eXfuze's products, we discovered they taste great too."

The eXfuze Seven+:
p. 29-30
"If one superfruit is good, then what about seven? Noni. Goji. Mangosteen. Acai. Gac. Brown Seaweed extract. Seabuckthorn.....'Time and research are really starting to bear out the fact that lifelong, adequate nutrition is a major component when it comes to avoiding serious problems later in life,' Dr. Kuypers continues. 'And that about much more than taking a daily multi-vitamin pill, most of which will just pass right through your body without being absorbed. The extracts in Seven+actually get absorbed into the cells, where they need to be, because they are carried by nature's delivery system. You're getting the full spectrum of plant-based nutrients in an organic complex the way the body is designed to get them.'....'Equally important as what's in the product is what's not in the product,' Morris says. 'Seven+ contains no sugar cane juice, high-fructose corn syrup, fructose or any kind of artificial sweeteners.' Perhaps most important to Morris, Seven+ has no sodium benzoate. This chemical is used as a preservative in many soft drinks and juices. In combination with ascorbic acid, sodium benzoate may form benzene, a known carcinogen. Additionally, a 2007 Associated Content story reported that University of Sheffield professors claim that sodium benzoate by itself can damage and inactivate vital parts of DNA in a cell's mitochondria. For these reasons, eXfuze uses an all-natural, vegetable-based preservative instead of sodium benzoate. According to Morris, the vegetable-based preservative is more expensive than sodium benzoate but, 'We believe our customers are worth it,' he says."

Another way eXfuze ensures product integrity is through it manufacturing processes. 'We keep tight control of our manufacturers and formulator,' says eXfuze Vice President of Operations Peter Hammer. 'It's very important to us, as a company, to make sure we're meeting the highest standards of product integrity. When raw materials come into our plant, they go into a preproduction quarantine where they are tested to make sure that they have no biological contamination and to ensure they are what they say they are,' Hammer says. 'If they don't meet those standards, then they're sent back to the supplier.' Once raw materials pass the preproduction testing phase, they are again tested for contamination. 'As soon as we get that report, the product is released to our distribution facility,' Hammer says. 'Some companies bypass those steps.' "

eXfuze's PROformance Revolution:
p. 34
"The ingredients within PROformance combine: JGES 20, a special extract of ginseng that contains five-times more of the active compounds than American ginseng.....The JGES 20 is of particular interest to researchers in terms of its effects on athletic performance. In a University of Miami study, athletes were given one dose of JGES 20. After a single dose, their running speed and average pitching power showed a significant increase. Keep in mind that these are disciplined athletes already performing at impressive levels. Imagine what PROformance could do for the average person facing a demanding, stressful day, or just a challenging workout....'The ingredients in the eXboost proprietary blend adds an extra layer of adaptogenic activity,' he explains (Dr. Joe Guarnera). Adaptogens are supposed to increase the body's resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety, and fatigue."

p. 35
"Dr. Gary Booth of Brigham Young University conducted independent studies on the ingredients with Seven+, and his research has shown that 80 percent or more of abnormal cells actually die in the presence of these ingredients, and that these ingredients demonstrate remarkable antioxidant activity that effectively neutralizes damaging free radicals. The superplants that go into eXfuze are highly esteemed by numerous indigenous cultures, based on hundreds of years fo practical use. Their traditional wisdom says that these plants have healing, protective, disease-preventing powers. Now, as Dr. Booth's fascinating findings deomonstrate, modern science is starting to bear that out."

Taking it to the PROs:
p. 57:
"And, as you might expect, athletes get approached by plenty of companies with all sorts of product claims. But it's rare to be able to cut through the claims and find real results, say four professional athletes who have joined the eXfuze team." (four of over 300 professional athletes drinking eXfuze and loving it)

p. 59 - Ernest Lee "Junior" Spivey, Professional Baseball Player:
"A professional baseball player for the past 14 years, Junior Spivey is familiar with the type of injuries and the abuse the game can bring to his body. But since he's been drinking the eXfuze product, those injuries seemingly have become less frequent and recovery much easier. 'The product is unbelievable! I went into spring training this year without having picked up a bat or a ball at all in 2008. And even under normal circumstances, your lats get sore from swinging and your arm gets sore from throwing. But I didn't get sore at all. I thought, Man, this is unbelievable! And I started sharing the product with everyone I knew, but especially my friends in baseball because I knew what it had done for me.....My dad's 84 years old, and he has energy now....I've got more energy for baseball, as well as for playing with my kids. My body overall just feels good.' "

p. 61 - Keith Foulke, Professional Baseball Player:
"Like Junior Spivey, Keith Foulke took a year off from baseball because of injuries and fatigue. 'I was beat to heck. I was mentally broken down. I was tired. I wondered, Where do I go from here? Am I going to be an athlete or am I going to go home and be a has-been?' After researching the product and finding that it was made from completely natural botanicals, he began using it. Through the course of the summer, Foulke says he noticed a huge difference: 'I didn't hit the wall; I never got a lull. Every day, I'd go to the ballpark, and I knew that I wanted to make myself a better player that day.' They say baseball is a game of inches. Foulke agrees: 'If I'm pitching, and I get the ball across the plate an inch and a half quicker, that's the difference between a ball being a home run or being a fly to right. That's the difference between being on a last-place team and being a world champion.' eXfuze helps Foulke get that edge. Today, Foulke says he feels better than he has in years."

p. 63 - Jim Nelford, Professional Golfer:
"Having heard about the product from other golfers, he was eager to find a remedy for the knee problem he'd suffered from for about 18 months. 'I was just kind of living with the pain, but it was really bad, to the point where I couldn't even bend over to read a putt. It bothered me every night when I came home and couldn't sleep because it hurt so much.' Nelford says he thought he was going to have to have surgery on it when he decided to give eXfuze a try. Three to four weeks later, he claims, 95 percent of his pain was gone. 'I've had the chance to be involved with a lot of other products, and I've never been involved with one that was so groundbreaking -- one that makes such a difference.' "

p. 65 - Shan Lassig, Ironman:
" 'After six days of being on the product, my training has changed. It's changed my life. And it's become an obligation for me to share theis with everyone who I know can benefit from health and wellness.' Lassig says he's sleeping better, has less stress, and now with the company's new pro formulations, is seeing a huge difference in the amount of time his body takes to recover from his training sessions. 'I feel I recover faster. I'm 44 years old, and I'm training better now than I've ever trained. I pretty much beat my body down to failure every day. But on the product, it seems my recovery is just amazing. I can take myself to anaerobic or aerobic failure and that same day train again. I've never been able to do that, even when I was competing for a spot on the 1980 Olympics or competing in Ironman events. It's going to be a part of my routine now for the rest of my life.' "