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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Toxic Burden: Women Put 515 CHEMICALS on Their Faces Every Day (causing health problems)

"Makeup, perfumes, lotions, mascara, and other beauty products all contribute to the toxic brew that is causing health problems for many women."

Full article:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Check out the COVER of SUCCESS FROM HOME magazine: EXFUZE PROVEN PROFORMANCE and HOW ATHLETES OUTPERFORM THE REST (more articles: Nature's Secret to a Healthy Life, The eXfuze MISSION, and Good for the VIVA KIDS!)

Dear Friends and Family,

As much as I thank God every day for my miraculous health improvements from eXfuze products, I'm even more grateful that He has provided me with such an amazing way to make a big difference in the world for impoverished children that need our help desperately (almost 16,000 children die "daily" from hunger-related causes -- 1 child every 5 seconds, according to Bread.org) and to fulfill the verses in Matthew 25:35-40. Success from Home magazine did a nice job capturing the company's heart for kids in need and their desire to transform everyone's lives by bringing them the healthiest products in the world at the most affordable prices on the planet. After 8 years in health ministry, I have never seen anything remotely close to this and certainly not at such low prices: one product that accomplishes what usually requires bunches of products combined to accomplish at immense cost and usually with synthetic versions not organic super-foods free of chemicals and stimulants. This is one of those few times when something that sounds too good to be true, really is true.... But then again, when God builds the house it will stand strong.

And that's exactly what happened when after 10 years of full-time service in 3rd world countries, God called missionary Rick Cotton home from the mission field in 2001 to found Viva Kids, a division of the non-profit organization To Every Nation, and then in 2007 to found and open eXfuze's doors as a for-profit way to support Viva Kids through its gross proceeds. I love that Rick follows the Biblical model of giving on the first fruits not the leftovers. That means that when he gives 1% of eXfuze's gross proceeds to Viva Kids, the kids are taken care of whether eXfuze even makes a profit or not. In addition, 100% of net proceeds from sales of promotional materials, business cards, etc. are given to Viva Kids. Customers and Distributors can even donate organic nutrition bars to the kids and eXfuze will match every donation one for one. These bars are custom-made by eXfuze for the kids' special dietary needs and can be donated either as a one-time purchase or monthly commitment. There are also several fund-raisers that take place throughout the year and are sponsored by eXfuze distributors and partners.

By the way, I love Seven+ PROformance! I just started on it 1 1/2 weeks ago, and by my 7th day already noticed a difference. It gave me even more mental acuity since drinking it first thing in the morning and more energy all day than the classic Seven+. I love the classic product because it gave me and many peopel I care about miraculous health benefits from the very first bottle two years ago (i.e. vision improvement, arthritis pain relief, better sleep, reduced sweet cravings, balanced appetite, etc. ), but I feel that PROformance has kicked everything up a notch or maybe several notches! I can see why professional athletes are raving about it.

Here are some quotes from a few of the many eXfuze articles in the magazine (for your own health benefit, don't miss page 34 and 35 -- WOW!)

Editor's Note from magazine editor, Deborah Heisz (January 2010 issue):
"Inspiration comes in many forms. For eXfuze Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO Rick Cotton, inspiration came years ago when he served as a young missionary in Third World countries. Whether he was working with impoverished children in the Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Venezuela and other countries, or helping raise much-needed operating funds to keep struggling orphanages open, Rick discovered his life's inspiration, and ultimately, his lifes's calling -- a calling that led him to found not only eXfuze, but what would become the company's centerpiece: eXfuze's coporate philanthropy program, Viva Kids.

It's also a healthy way of life for eXfuze fans who live the benefits of this revolutionary product -- a blend of seven unique superfruits. Instead of one superfruit, eXfuze combines seven of the most highly touted exotic fruits, known for their extraordinary antioxidant capacity. Each of the seven main ingredients -- noni, goji, mangosteen, acai, gac, brown seaweed extract and seabuckthorn -- is refined to its most essential and beneficial components through a proprietary extraction proress and then fused together (hence, the company's name). And here's the kicker: While writing about and photographing eXfuze's products, we discovered they taste great too."

The eXfuze Seven+:
p. 29-30
"If one superfruit is good, then what about seven? Noni. Goji. Mangosteen. Acai. Gac. Brown Seaweed extract. Seabuckthorn.....'Time and research are really starting to bear out the fact that lifelong, adequate nutrition is a major component when it comes to avoiding serious problems later in life,' Dr. Kuypers continues. 'And that about much more than taking a daily multi-vitamin pill, most of which will just pass right through your body without being absorbed. The extracts in Seven+actually get absorbed into the cells, where they need to be, because they are carried by nature's delivery system. You're getting the full spectrum of plant-based nutrients in an organic complex the way the body is designed to get them.'....'Equally important as what's in the product is what's not in the product,' Morris says. 'Seven+ contains no sugar cane juice, high-fructose corn syrup, fructose or any kind of artificial sweeteners.' Perhaps most important to Morris, Seven+ has no sodium benzoate. This chemical is used as a preservative in many soft drinks and juices. In combination with ascorbic acid, sodium benzoate may form benzene, a known carcinogen. Additionally, a 2007 Associated Content story reported that University of Sheffield professors claim that sodium benzoate by itself can damage and inactivate vital parts of DNA in a cell's mitochondria. For these reasons, eXfuze uses an all-natural, vegetable-based preservative instead of sodium benzoate. According to Morris, the vegetable-based preservative is more expensive than sodium benzoate but, 'We believe our customers are worth it,' he says."

Another way eXfuze ensures product integrity is through it manufacturing processes. 'We keep tight control of our manufacturers and formulator,' says eXfuze Vice President of Operations Peter Hammer. 'It's very important to us, as a company, to make sure we're meeting the highest standards of product integrity. When raw materials come into our plant, they go into a preproduction quarantine where they are tested to make sure that they have no biological contamination and to ensure they are what they say they are,' Hammer says. 'If they don't meet those standards, then they're sent back to the supplier.' Once raw materials pass the preproduction testing phase, they are again tested for contamination. 'As soon as we get that report, the product is released to our distribution facility,' Hammer says. 'Some companies bypass those steps.' "

eXfuze's PROformance Revolution:
p. 34
"The ingredients within PROformance combine: JGES 20, a special extract of ginseng that contains five-times more of the active compounds than American ginseng.....The JGES 20 is of particular interest to researchers in terms of its effects on athletic performance. In a University of Miami study, athletes were given one dose of JGES 20. After a single dose, their running speed and average pitching power showed a significant increase. Keep in mind that these are disciplined athletes already performing at impressive levels. Imagine what PROformance could do for the average person facing a demanding, stressful day, or just a challenging workout....'The ingredients in the eXboost proprietary blend adds an extra layer of adaptogenic activity,' he explains (Dr. Joe Guarnera). Adaptogens are supposed to increase the body's resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety, and fatigue."

p. 35
"Dr. Gary Booth of Brigham Young University conducted independent studies on the ingredients with Seven+, and his research has shown that 80 percent or more of abnormal cells actually die in the presence of these ingredients, and that these ingredients demonstrate remarkable antioxidant activity that effectively neutralizes damaging free radicals. The superplants that go into eXfuze are highly esteemed by numerous indigenous cultures, based on hundreds of years fo practical use. Their traditional wisdom says that these plants have healing, protective, disease-preventing powers. Now, as Dr. Booth's fascinating findings deomonstrate, modern science is starting to bear that out."

Taking it to the PROs:
p. 57:
"And, as you might expect, athletes get approached by plenty of companies with all sorts of product claims. But it's rare to be able to cut through the claims and find real results, say four professional athletes who have joined the eXfuze team." (four of over 300 professional athletes drinking eXfuze and loving it)

p. 59 - Ernest Lee "Junior" Spivey, Professional Baseball Player:
"A professional baseball player for the past 14 years, Junior Spivey is familiar with the type of injuries and the abuse the game can bring to his body. But since he's been drinking the eXfuze product, those injuries seemingly have become less frequent and recovery much easier. 'The product is unbelievable! I went into spring training this year without having picked up a bat or a ball at all in 2008. And even under normal circumstances, your lats get sore from swinging and your arm gets sore from throwing. But I didn't get sore at all. I thought, Man, this is unbelievable! And I started sharing the product with everyone I knew, but especially my friends in baseball because I knew what it had done for me.....My dad's 84 years old, and he has energy now....I've got more energy for baseball, as well as for playing with my kids. My body overall just feels good.' "

p. 61 - Keith Foulke, Professional Baseball Player:
"Like Junior Spivey, Keith Foulke took a year off from baseball because of injuries and fatigue. 'I was beat to heck. I was mentally broken down. I was tired. I wondered, Where do I go from here? Am I going to be an athlete or am I going to go home and be a has-been?' After researching the product and finding that it was made from completely natural botanicals, he began using it. Through the course of the summer, Foulke says he noticed a huge difference: 'I didn't hit the wall; I never got a lull. Every day, I'd go to the ballpark, and I knew that I wanted to make myself a better player that day.' They say baseball is a game of inches. Foulke agrees: 'If I'm pitching, and I get the ball across the plate an inch and a half quicker, that's the difference between a ball being a home run or being a fly to right. That's the difference between being on a last-place team and being a world champion.' eXfuze helps Foulke get that edge. Today, Foulke says he feels better than he has in years."

p. 63 - Jim Nelford, Professional Golfer:
"Having heard about the product from other golfers, he was eager to find a remedy for the knee problem he'd suffered from for about 18 months. 'I was just kind of living with the pain, but it was really bad, to the point where I couldn't even bend over to read a putt. It bothered me every night when I came home and couldn't sleep because it hurt so much.' Nelford says he thought he was going to have to have surgery on it when he decided to give eXfuze a try. Three to four weeks later, he claims, 95 percent of his pain was gone. 'I've had the chance to be involved with a lot of other products, and I've never been involved with one that was so groundbreaking -- one that makes such a difference.' "

p. 65 - Shan Lassig, Ironman:
" 'After six days of being on the product, my training has changed. It's changed my life. And it's become an obligation for me to share theis with everyone who I know can benefit from health and wellness.' Lassig says he's sleeping better, has less stress, and now with the company's new pro formulations, is seeing a huge difference in the amount of time his body takes to recover from his training sessions. 'I feel I recover faster. I'm 44 years old, and I'm training better now than I've ever trained. I pretty much beat my body down to failure every day. But on the product, it seems my recovery is just amazing. I can take myself to anaerobic or aerobic failure and that same day train again. I've never been able to do that, even when I was competing for a spot on the 1980 Olympics or competing in Ironman events. It's going to be a part of my routine now for the rest of my life.' "

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Swine Flu Alert -- Shocking Vaccine Miscarriage Horror Stories

"My people perish for lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8

Here's the knowledge! Please choose life, God's way! Our babies are precious; let's do everything we can to protect their lives in the womb and their future health outside the womb.

Love ya all!
Swine Flu Alert -- Shocking Vaccine Miscarriage Horror Stories
Posted by: Dr. Mercola

November 28 2009 | 34,732 views

U.S. health authorities have made pregnant women one of the highest priority groups for getting the H1N1 swine flu vaccine, but is it actually safe for pregnant women and their babies?
In fact, the package inserts for the swine flu vaccines actually say that the safety of these vaccines for pregnant women has not been established. And miscarriage reports from pregnant women who have taken the H1N1 swine flu vaccine are starting to pour in from all over the nation.
The link below contains stories that will shock and anger you. If you are a pregnant mother, please do not take the H1N1 swine flu vaccine. Instead, do everything that you can do to avoid public places and make sure to wash your hands more than you usually would. Research the many great natural ways there are for fighting the flu.

Sources: Organic Health November 11, 2009


Dr. Mercola's Comments:

As a pro-safety drug and vaccine advocate, I believe it’s imperative to be able to unequivocally prove that a drug or vaccine will cause no harm, AND be able to show that it offers measurable benefit, before releasing it to market. This is especially important when we’re dealing with pregnant women and young children.
Neither is true for the flu vaccine during pregnancy, and even less so for the H1N1 vaccine when given to pregnant women.
Flu vaccine manufacturers clearly indicate that safety and effectiveness of their flu vaccines have not been established for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Ditto for their H1N1 vaccines.
Heartbreaking Stories of Losses After H1N1 Vaccination
The source links above contain personal stories of heartbreak - women who lost their babies just hours or days after getting the H1N1 vaccine this year. Naturally, the standard comeback is that miscarriages are commonplace, and surely have nothing to do with the vaccine. However, to simply dismiss these events as “coincidences” is a serious mistake.
Perhaps some of the 20 women on one of the blogs would have miscarried anyway, but when a number of women have healthy, uneventful pregnancies up until they’re injected with a vaccine, and then suddenly miscarry, it most certainly warrants investigation!
Be Part of the Solution - REPORT All Side Effects to VAERS!
I’m willing to bet that most of these incidents have not been properly reported to the authorities, and this is something everyone needs to be better informed about.
Please know that any time you take a pharmaceutical drug, or are injected with a vaccine of any kind, you need to report any and all side effects to your doctor and insist that he or she report it to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Ask to get a copy of the report to make sure it was done.
Also know that YOU can report it yourself! You don’t have to go via your doctor.
The VAERS web site allows you to fill out an adverse event report on your own.
Unfortunately, since reporting side effects to VAERS is voluntary, only one to 10 percent of all side effects are ever reported!
Yet VAERS can serve a vital function, alerting authorities to significant problems with various drugs and vaccines. We NEED this information, because without it, authorities and drug makers can simply continue to say that a drug or vaccine has been used safely for a number of years, without ever having done any real studies and follow up.
The truth is, we know extremely little about the true safety and effectiveness of most drugs and vaccines on the market.
None of the H1N1 Flu Vaccines Have Ever Been Tested on Pregnant Women
If you are willing to be a guinea pig, then so be it. But I urge you not to be. It’s simply not your responsibility to subject yourself to this type of cruel field testing. Know this: the vaccine manufacturers and the doctors administering the shots are legally protected, should something go wrong. You cannot sue them for damages.
If you read the package inserts, you’ll find that NONE of them have ever been tested for safety and effectiveness in pregnant women and nursing mothers, and none of them are recommended for pregnant women “unless clearly needed.”
(And this is something I’ll get to in a moment…)
You also need to understand that no reproduction studies have been done to determine how these flu vaccines (whether for seasonal- or the H1N1 vaccine) affect future fertility, and whether or how they affect a developing fetus.
So truly, YOU are little more than a test subject; a statistic that may or may not be counted, depending on whether your side effects are properly reported and investigated, should something go awry.
In the US, four H1N1 vaccines have achieved FDA approval, and you can read their package inserts by clicking on the hyperlinks below:
MedImmune (intranasal spray)
CSL Biotherapies, Inc.
For more information about these vaccines, and a quick review of each vaccine’s list of ingredients, please see my previous article A Review of Four Approved Swine Flu Vaccines’ Ingredients.
How Effective is the H1N1 Vaccine, Really?
If you read through the package inserts (hyperlinked above) for the injectable, inactivated flu vaccines, you will find the following paragraph:
"Specific levels of HI antibody titers post-vaccination with inactivated influenza virus vaccine have not been correlated with protection from influenza virus. In some human studies, antibody titers of 1:40 or greater have been associated with protection from influenza illness in up to 50% of subjects."
What that paragraph explains, is that, to the best of our knowledge, the vaccine only works in half, or less, of those individuals who attain the specified level of seroconversion after vaccination.
The FDA defines seroconversion as achieving an antibody titer of 1:40.
This means that if a vaccine was 100 percent effective at achieving this level of seroconversion, it would protect up to 50 percent of the recipients of the vaccine.

But none of the vaccines are 100 percent effective at achieving seroconversion.
CSL's vaccine insert , for example, (see pages 11-12), states that their H1N1 vaccine provides seroconversion for:
48.7 percent of people aged 18-65
34 percent for seniors, 65 and older
That means that, at best, their vaccine works in one out of every four people! (49 percent of 50 percent).
Which, of course, means that the vaccine does NOT work in three out of every four people…
Is a 25 percent chance of reaping any sort of benefit worth the risk, especially if you’re pregnant?
Many health officials and doctors say this benefit is worth the risk, and urge pregnant women to get vaccinated with one or both flu vaccines this year. They claim the potential dangers inherent in getting sick with the flu while pregnant is a far more significant than any potential danger from the vaccine.
But is that really true?
How Dangerous is the Flu While Pregnant, and is Flu Vaccination Warranted?
A paper published in the summer 2006 issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, titled Influenza Vaccination During Pregnancy: A Critical Assessment of the Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) , concludes that the flu vaccine recommendation for pregnant women should be withdrawn as:
a) flu is rarely a complication for pregnant women, and
b) no safety studies have been done
The authors’ state:
“Influenza vaccination during all trimesters of pregnancy is now universally recommended in the United States. We critically reviewed the influenza vaccination policy of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice and the citations that were used to support their recommendations.
The ACIP’s citations and the current literature indicate that influenza infection is rarely a threat to a normal pregnancy.
There is no convincing evidence of the effectiveness of influenza vaccination during this critical period.
… The ACIP policy recommendation of routinely administering influenza vaccine during pregnancy is ill-advised and unsupported by current scientific literature, and it should be withdrawn…”
Interestingly, it explains that the ACIP’s recommendations are based on just TWO scientific papers that support the claim that the flu is more serious during pregnancy than at other times, and points out the multiple flaws with each of these two studies.
Here’s an excerpt explaining the lack of true evidence presented by the first study:
“A British study compared maternal and neonatal outcomes in women infected with the influenza virus during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy with those of pregnant, uninfected controls. Only 11% of the 1,659 pregnant subjects had serological evidence of the illness; none had detectable influenza A-specific IgM.
There was also no evidence for transplacental transmission of the influenza virus, or autoantibody production in influenza-complicated pregnancies. Influenza infection had no significant impact on labor outcomes, health of the newborn, or maternal well-being.
The authors claimed that overall “complications” in pregnant women with influenza infection occurred more frequently than in controls; however, no individual complication achieved statistical significance.
Many of the listed complications appeared to be subjective complaints such as chest pain and “taking medication,” rather than specific diagnoses, and some could have been related to comorbid conditions that the authors failed to address.
While there was only one recorded case of pneumonia during pregnancy, an uncommon but serious complication of influenza, all other “complications” lacked biological plausibility.
When such nonspecific complications were excluded, there were no significant differences between the two groups…”
Another interesting fact brought to light in this paper is that, ironically, some of the “evidence” used to create the recommendation for flu vaccination for pregnant women shows that it may cause more harm than good!
“Munoz et al. also failed to demonstrate effectiveness of influenza vaccination in pregnancy during five influenza seasons (1998-2003). Rates of upper respiratory tract infection did not significantly differ between vaccinated and unvaccinated women.
Paradoxically, the authors found four times as many influenza-like illness-related hospitalizations in vaccinated women (2.8% vs 0.7%), an observation similar to that of Neuzil et al (2.2% vs 0.7%) [the second study used to support the ACIP recommendation].
These observations not only challenge vaccine effectiveness, but also raise concern that vaccination actually carries added risk of influenza-like illness.” [Emphasis mine.]
Lastly, the paper questions the rationale for using a polio vaccine study - which was rejected by the Institute of Medicine on the basis of flawed study design - in support of their decision that flu vaccinations are safe for pregnant women.
The authors called the decision “peculiar.”
Final Thoughts
Hopefully, this information will help you weigh the risks and benefits to make a more educated decision for yourself and your family. No one can, nor should, make this decision for you.
I urge you to continue educating yourself about vaccines before yet another generation is lost to medical arrogance and greed.

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Common Links in Swine Flu Deaths...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Breaking News: Mammography- who needs it? NEW GUIDELINES

One more thing. It is not necessary to just sit around and wait until age 50 to find out if you have abnormal breast activity. Prevention is key! Not only can you focus on a plant-based diet, highly-concentrated super-food extracts, iodine, exercise, oxygenated and alkaline water, etc. to prevent breast cancer, but you can opt for Medical Thermal Imaging exams each year in addition to visiting your Ob/Gyn. I have my thermal imaging exam coming up in January at Clermont Herb Shoppe with Audrey Fedrick from Immanuel's Image. I will send the details once I get them from Audrey. Thermal Imaging is wonderful and can detect potential problems "years" before they actually become cancer without the exposure/risk of radiation and the manual pressing of the breast during a mammogram that can actually spread the cancer if you already have it.


-----Original Message-----
From: Miriam Moss [mailto:miriamlovesjesus@cfl.rr.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 11:02 PM
Subject: Breaking News: Mammography- who needs it? NEW GUIDELINES

Here is an excerpt from the article referenced below in the live link "Click here...

One thing to keep in mind is that mammograms are a medical intervention, and, like all medical interventions, they have benefits and risks. The benefits have to do with finding some cancers early enough to effectively treat them so that fewer women die of breast cancer. The risks are these:

False negative results (mammogram reads as clear, but there is breast cancer present)
False positive results (mammogram shows a problem, but biopsy reveals that the problem is not cancer). False positive results result in unnecessary biopsies, increased anxiety and stress, and physical scarring
Cumulative exposure to radiation. (Radiation is one of the few known causes of breast cancer. All radiation exposures accumulate in the body. Our bodies do not eliminate these exposures.
Diagnosis and treatment of cancers that are not life threatening at the time of diagnosis and will never become life threatening if untreated.
After you read the article, check out the Breast Cancer Action (BCA) group's project "Think Before You Pink" at: http://thinkbeforeyoupink.org/?page_id=13. You will learn about Pinkwashers (companies that purport to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink ribboned product, but manufacture products that are linked to the disease). For example, many cosmetics companies whose products contain chemicals linked to breast cancer also sell their items for the cause.

Tell A Friend!
Dear Miriam,

Did you hear the latest news? On November 16, the US Preventive Services Task Force announced their recommendation that women under 50 not get routine screening mammograms. They also recommend women over 50 have mammograms only once every two years instead of every year. Surprised? At BCA, we weren't.

Breast Cancer Action has been saying for years that there is no evidence that routine screening of women at normal risk for breast cancer aged 40 to 49 saves lives. Now the Preventive Task Force has caught up with us (in Europe, mammograms are given to post-menopausal women every other year, with no worse outcome than the U.S.).

Some people will find these new recommendations confusing and distressing, but we don't and we will explain why -- in common sense terms -- to anyone who asks us about it. Click here for more information.

It's important for every woman to make note of and understand what these new recommendations mean. We're sure your friends also want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to breast cancer issues. They can do that by clicking here to get BCA's e-alerts:

It takes a long time for breast cancer policy to catch up with what we know. But BCA has been, and will stay ahead of the curve. You know that. That's why you get our e-alerts and support our work.

Thanks so much, and be well!

What's in your calcium/mineral supplement (lead, mercury, arsenic, nickel)?

In California, proposition 65 makes all manufacturers limit the amount of heavy metals in minerals such as (lead, mercury, arsenic, nickel). So there are standards in CA. Other states do not have the same standards, therefore, if your manufacturer is located in another state; they don't have these standards, by law. This means that the majority of minerals sold in the US have high amounts of these heavy metals. Also, check your supplements, and if they contain minerals as a part of the formula, the minerals probably contain high amounts of heavy metals. Remember, there is no Minimum Daily Requirement for these toxic heavy metals.
The most common form of calcium supplement today is derived from limestone. You don’t eat rocks as part of your balanced diet, why would you choose to supplement your bone health nutritional needs with limestone?
There are pure and much more effective and absorbable forms of calcium than tablets/capsules. Angstrom Minerals offer a much better solution for strong bones. See Bone Structure Support on www.ewater.com/2020. You also need sunshine for Vitamin D and weight-bearing exercise. It's possible that once you get your body into an alkaline state on a consistent basis, you may not even need calcium supplements anymore because you will have halted the acidity that was causing your body to steal calcium from your bones to neutralize the acid in your stomach. If you eat a diet rich in plant-based calcium (i.e. dark leafy greens, algae/seaweed, etc.) you can go a long way in preventing bone loss. Calcium from animal products like dairy actually worsens the situation because dairy contributes to the acidity problem.
If you have Osteo-Pena or Osteoporosis, monitor it regularly with bone density tests and see how you are doing. The body's self-healing mechanism is incredible, and bone can be re-built!

All for God's Glory,
Miriam Moss

Miriam's Protein Shake Recipe

I know it does not sound appetizing from the ingredients, but it actually tastes pretty good and is super healthy with tons of amino acids and protein. It's kind of a knock-off of Vega, which is very expensive at Health Food stores. It's also vegan, mostly raw, and mostly organic.

It contains about 25 grams of protein. We just put everything in a blender ball shaker cup, shake, and go.

1 TBS Nutribiotic Organic Vegan Rice Protein Vanilla powder (made from sprouted brown rice)
1 TBS Now Sports Pea Protein powder (non GMO)
1 TBS Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Powder 50% protein
1/2 TBS (or more if you like) Now Carob Powder
1 TBS Omega Nutrition Organic Hi-Lignan Flax Oil
5-8 drops Sweet Leaf Liquid Stevia (for sweetness)
8 oz of Silk Almond Milk original (or home-made preferably)

All of the ingredients are available on www.Luckyvitamin.com, except for the almond milk. You can get the milk at almost all supermarkets. Best to make it yourself (see recipe on www.hacres.com).


Friday, November 20, 2009

Cancer News You Need to Know | November 2009 (featuring Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill)

The Cancer Project is a great outreach that was born out of the findings in the China Study. Our tax dollars paid for the 27-year study, however, our government failed to share the results with us due to political lobby pressure from the meat, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries. The Cancer Project is now teaching us how to prevent and reverse cancer using what God provided in nature and proven clinically by the China Study!

Be blessed and be healthy,

[Miriam Moss] -----Original Message-----
From: The Cancer Project [mailto:info@cancerproject.org]
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2009 4:21 PM
To: miriamlovesjesus@cfl.rr.com
Subject: Cancer News You Need to Know | November 2009

Dorothy Hamill Ad Expresses Support for The Cancer Project » Expanding Outreach Efforts » Combined Federal Campaign » Creative Support Making a World of Difference » Diet and Cancer in the News

Dorothy Hamill Ad Expresses Support for The Cancer Project

After Olympic champion figure skater Dorothy Hamill was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, she read The Cancer Survivor’s Guide: Foods that Help You Fight Back. She was so impressed by The Cancer Project’s work that she decided to star in a print advertisement highlighting the importance of good nutrition in cancer prevention and survival.

“Your body is an instrument of expression—and mine still has a lot to say,” Hamill says in the Cancer Project ad, which is being distributed to newspapers and magazines. Hamill continues to pursue an active life of mentoring young skaters, motivational speaking, writing, television appearances, and charity work.


The Food for Life Program was launched in 2001 to help cancer survivors take advantage of the healing power of foods.
Expanding Outreach Efforts

The Cancer Project’s Food for Life Program continues to expand nationwide. This November 13 new instructors will be joining the Food for Life team, which will enable the cooking and nutrition class program to now be offered in 29 states and 150 cities, including the following new states: Alabama, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, and Wisconsin. New instructors are eager to empower cancer survivors, friends, and family members with easy-to-implement cooking skills that turn every meal into a delicious dose of healthy nutrition. To find out if there is a class near you, please visit our class resource page. Although the application window is closed for prospective candidates, we are seeking a Food for Life instructor from the state of Mississippi. Please contact info@cancerproject.org to learn more about this position or to bring classes to your community.


The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): #12133

The Cancer Project is very pleased to participate again this year in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the country’s largest workplace giving campaign, which provides federal employees the opportunity to contribute to their favorite charities from Sept. 1 through Dec. 15. We are delighted to highlight our new CFC ad, featuring Food for Life Nutrition and Cooking Class instructor Lisa Davis, who teaches at several federal buildings in the Washington, D.C. area. Please note our five-digit CFC number (12133) when you designate your workplace gift so we can continue to provide classes like Lisa’s nationwide. Thank you!


Creative Support Making a World of Difference

Every year, Carl Cuda of Bethel, Pa., organizes a popular car cruise in his community to raise money for charity. After attending a Food for Life class, Cuda—a cancer survivor—decided to have all proceeds from this year’s event support The Cancer Project! More than 1,000 people attended the September car cruise and approximately $4,000 was donated to strengthen The Cancer Project’s efforts to promote cancer prevention and survival.

Kyle Hall of The Bronx, N.Y., recently dedicated his participation in the New York City Marathon to help raise awareness and funds for The Cancer Project—the organization has helped him introduce healthy eating to many of his family members, friends, and colleagues who may not otherwise understood the links between nutrition and incidence of cancer. A vegan diet helped him recover from a 2002 cancer diagnosis and today it provides him with the energy needed to run marathons. Hall successfully finished the race in 2:58:18 and his efforts raised $1,870 to help continue the fight against cancer.

Saladmaster has been a dedicated corporate supporter for some time, but Rob Weseman recently became the first Saladmaster dealer to designate The Cancer Project as his official charity of choice! Weseman will be donating up to $20 for every dinner hosted by his team, Lone Star Health Systems in Euless, Texas, (serving all of Dallas-Fort Worth). Weseman explains, “I support The Cancer Project because you can’t ever put enough money into prevention. What you eat and the way you prepare your food can literally change your whole life.”

If you are organizing a creative fundraiser to benefit The Cancer Project, please let us know! We’d love to recognize your efforts and provide you with information and literature to pass along at your event. Please contact bwason@cancerproject.org.


Diet and Cancer in the News …

Colorectal Cancer Rates Rising
Colorectal cancer is becoming steadily more common among young adults, according to an American Cancer Society analysis. Incidence rates among adults ages 20 to 49 increased 1.5 percent per year in men and 1.6 percent per year in women from 1992 to 2005. The increase may be tied to rising rates of obesity, a major risk factor for colorectal cancer. Increased consumption of meat (especially in fast food) over the past three decades could also be a key factor. Previous studies have suggested that diets free of red and processed meats and rich in plant-based foods may significantly reduce colorectal cancer risk.

Siegel RL, Jemal A, Ward EM. Increase in incidence of colorectal cancer among young men and women in the United States. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2009;18:1695-1698.

Soy Foods Offer Breast Cancer Protection
Soy foods provide protection against premenopausal breast cancer when they are consumed during adolescence and perhaps even as an adult, according to new findings from the Shanghai Women’s Health Study. Researchers assessed the diets of more than 73,000 Chinese women during adulthood and adolescence. Those with the highest intake of soy protein or isoflavone had about half the risk of premenopausal breast cancer compared with those with the lowest soy intake, regardless of age at time of consumption. The study found no significant association between soy foods and the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer.

Lee S, Shu X, Li H, et al. Adolescent and adult soy food intake and breast cancer risk: results from the Shanghai Women’s Health Study. Am J Clin Nutr. 2009;89:1920-1926.

Vegetarians Less Prone to Cancer
Vegetarians are 12 percent less likely to develop cancer, compared with meat eaters, according to a recent study in the British Journal of Cancer. After following 61,000 meat eaters and vegetarians for more than 12 years, researchers also discovered that rates of cancers of the blood—such as leukemia, multiple myeloma, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma—were reduced by as much as 45 percent among those following a vegetarian diet. Previous studies have shown that vegetarians have as much as a 40 percent reduced risk for all cancers.

Key TJ, Appleby PN, Spencer EA, et al. Cancer incidence in British vegetarians. British Journal of Cancer. 2009;101:192-197.

Red Meat and Dairy Products Increase Pancreatic Cancer Risk
Fat from red meat and dairy products is associated with an increased risk of pancreatic cancer, a new study finds. As part of the National Institutes of Health-AARP Diet and Health Study, researchers analyzed the diets of more than 525,000 participants to determine whether there is an association between dietary fat and pancreatic cancer. This same study found no association between fats from plant foods and pancreatic cancer risk.

Thiébaut ACM, Jia L, Silverman DT, et al. Dietary fatty acids and pancreatic cancer in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2009;101:1001-1011.

Advancing cancer prevention and survival
through nutrition education and research.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sodium Benzoate info.

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Phenoxyethanol: Preservative with Dirty Past

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DR OZ SHOW TODAY: What to do to avoid the DANGERS of DRINKING and BATHING WATER (the bathing issue is especially important for KIDS!)

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The shower filter and whole house filter he showed look exactly like the ones on www.ewater.com/2020.

By the way, I just bought the whole house filter and love it! No more yucky smell when opening the faucets and much different hair-washing experience! When you get a whole house filter on the above website you also get a free reverse-osmosis system for the drinking water (choice of under or over-the-counter system). Click on the special combo on the home page that says "LIMITED TIME OFFER." According to Fred Van Liew, the Water Doctor, even if you get the best whole house filter, you still need to use a reverse-osmosis system (or distiller) for the drinking water to get optimum purity. Then you oxygenate, alkalize, and re-mineralize it the right way.

Video of the show's water segment:

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Monday, October 19, 2009

The New Personalized USDA Food Pyramid - A lot has changed!

Below you will find a way to build your own USDA Diet Pyramid based on age, sex, height, weight, and level of physical activity. The emphasis from the USDA is now grains, vegetables and fruit. The meat and bean group for my personal criteria ended up being only 5 to 5.5 ounces depending on my exercise level. That includes nuts, seeds, peanut butter, and all legumes, as well as meat, fish and poultry. This is quite different from the old food pyramid we grew up with. If we're not careful to watch our intake we can use up our entire day's worth of food from this category in one sitting.

This is really fun to do for the kids. A few months ago, I printed a bunch of different ones for the pre-schoolers in our homeschool group and was able to personalize them for each child with their names on them.

I don't necessarily endorse all of the recommendations on the pyramid, but it is a big improvement from the old one and will result in improved health. Have fun!


All for God's Glory,
Miriam Moss

The little strip of paper that can save your life for less than $10 - Test your Ph!

Conversations between an oncologist and a woman with an inoperable cancer tumor:

The woman asked him these questions after he pumped her full of chemo and radiation and then gave her a death sentence anyway. However, the tumor disappeared within about two months of her making diet changes, and he still thought she would die. That was eight years ago and she remains cancer-free (full story on: http://www.hacres.com/testimonies/testimonies.asp?TestId=1421):

My first question: Is it true that if I have an alkaline pH level, cancer cannot survive in my body?

My oncologist said: That’s true.

My second question: Is it true that if I have a lot of oxygen in my body, cancer cannot survive?

My oncologist said: Yes, that’s true.

My third question: Is it true that cancer feeds on sugar?

My oncologist said: Yes, that’s true.

Here is an easy way to test your Ph levels at home:

Body Rescue pH Testing Tape -- 1 Roll

Use this code to get $10 OFF your FIRST ORDER from Vitacost:

Water should have a healthy Ph level but most waters are too acidic. Here's a cheap solution for alkalizing your water and helping to keep your body alkaline:
Body Rescue pH Protector Drops

By the way, potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) help make your body more alkaline. The ideal way to make your body alkaline is through diet, but this remedy can help save your life while you are transitioning to an alkaline diet. Of the two, potassium bicarbonate is better because you avoid excess sodium. Some people are using 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per day in a glass of water for maintenance. Others are using higher quantities temporarily for quick healing as recommended by their alternative doctors. I use it on occasion when my Ph gets acidic after indulging in animal products. My Dad told me that my grandmother in Cuba used baking soda daily in her water and is now in her 90s without any major illness.

You can get aluminum-free baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) cheap here:

You can get potassium bicarbonate cheap here:

Also here's an amazing product that works quickly to balance Ph with the correct ratios of the various bicarbonates, etc.

So what should your Ph test strips be showing? Well, there are many different opinions on this. The only thing everyone agrees on is that blood ph needs to be between 7.35-7.40.  However, when it comes to urine ph and saliva ph you will find so much opposing info. Many so-called health experts say that both uring and saliva need to be at 7.4 just like the blood, and then they try to sell you equipment to make your urine more alkaline, like water ionizers. So far the most logical explanation I've seen is in the article below, which says that "In people with vibrant health, normal urine pH is about 5.8; normal saliva pH is about 7." The doctor who wrote this article says that the urine is the mechanism by which the kidneys remove acid from the blood to protect it. And that saliva reflects our alkaline reserve. Therefore, they need to be different. For the past several years since I jumped on the health bandwagon this is where I've been testing, but I thought that something was wrong with me because my urine ph was too low based on the 7.4 claim. Now I can relax. It really does make so much sense!

Organic pasta from Amazon.com with free shipping (great prices) and some are gluten-free

I just bought these recently and am very happy with them. They are much cheaper than at Publix and health food stores. Also, the variety of these grains are not even available at Publix. These are great supergrains without fillers like corn flour, etc. I will probably try other grains in the future, but in the meantime these are the best ones so far. Quinoa is gluten-free. Kamut is not gluten-free but contains a different kind of gluten than whole wheat that is much more digestible and can be tolerated by many people who cannot tolerate regular gluten.

1 "Eden Organic Kamut & Quinoa Twisted Pair, 100% Whole Grain, 12-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)"
Grocery; $15.69 ($2.61 per box)

1 "Eden Organic Pasta Spirals, Kamut Vegetable, 12-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6)"
Grocery; $16.77 ($2.79 per box)

Sold by: Amazon.com, LLC

All for God's Glory,
Miriam Moss

DENTAL RELATIONSHIP TO Hormone Imblalances and other Illnesses (serious stuff)



In Germany, England and many other countries, the teeth can be a focal disturbance and the cause of any disease including fibroids, cysts, tumors and endocrine problems. The teeth are energetically connected to organs and glands through an acupuncture meridian correspondence. Hormones can be severely affected by root canals, abscesses, dissimilar metals, mercury toxicity and a bio incompatibility of dental materials. Therefore, it is important to address all dental stress on patients.

Every organ and every part of your body is directly linked to a specific tooth or area of the mouth via these meridians, or energy highways. This connection is so strong that a biological dentist can often accurately "guess" your dental history simply by reviewing your physical symptoms. Root canals create disturbing energetic roadblocks in the body which short-circuit essential pathways leading to the breakdown of proper organ function. If a person has a weak organ, a root canal performed on the associated meridian tooth will make it more problematic. Balancing and strengthening the organ can allow a person to handle it temporarily.


The Mouth

The mouth is a source of ill health in three distinct aspects. Firstly and quite obviously, Mercury Silver Amalgam fillings, secondly, root canal operations and more generally tooth removal.

Amalgam fillings are a no-no and the white resin ones should be used instead. If molars need refilling you might have to go the whole hog and pay for porcelain inserts to be made and cemented in with white resin. Mercury is the most toxic metal known to man, yet the word is that when combined with silver, it bonds so tightly that nothing can escape. Well that's shite! Mercury has a 'half life' of forty years - that means as much as half may have decayed and been released as vapour in this time. Sure, it's combined with silver before going into the mouth but much of it will still decay over the years. Dr. Ray's research shows that the safe level of mercury exposure permitted in industry in a 40 hour week can be achieved in 10 seconds of chewing! If you have more than eight fillings, you must be checked to see if your immune system has responded to mercury toxicity. Again, you can't trust your Doctor or Dentist on this one as they have been lead to believe that mercury can be tolerated and in the case of Dentists, most have spent their entire career putting the stuff in, believing it to be safe! Dentists themselves are exposed to Mercury vapour as they mix it there in front of you in a small mortar and pestle. Dentists have the highest level of alcoholism, suicide and broken marriages in the medical profession!

I grew up in New Zealand where every primary and intermediate school has a Dental clinic right there on the school grounds. But it turns out that most of the dental nurses were qualified with only a diploma and were 'practising' putting fillings in children who were genuinely considered 'not be able to perceive pain'. I've seen this in writing! I was certainly able to perceive pain! The nickname for the dental clinic in N.Z. Schools is 'the murder house' and I have memories of endless drilling and pain! Remember, this is the days before high speed drills and Novocain. From the age of nine until fifteen I had no fewer than twenty three amalgam fillings put in my mouth by these Morons. After Orthodontic braces at twelve and a half I'd also had the front four Molars removed leaving me with 28 teeth and 23 fillings! At age 15 my physical problems began and my behaviour had also flipped out and I was expelled from school. I could have been a genius but I was relegated to sweeping out school busses, counting sheets of paper, marking out the running lanes on the sports field etc. etc. all during school time. At 13 I was tossed out of the school orchestra for two weeks while they did a tour of the north island, only to be asked back in on their return. I remember when I was 14 that a bunch of us tough, difficult kids were sent off for three days to a camp in the forest solely to clean up and paint the place. Now that's what I call edumacation!

The second cause of ill health through the mouth is root canal operations. These are where the dentist considers the nerve feeding the live tooth to be dead and so carves out a cavity, inserts a post and then remounts the original tooth in place. Big mistake! Teeth are alive and when you place them back in the mouth without the nerve feeding them, they turn grey, then black with bacteria and die. The minute passageways through the tooth, of which there are ten of thousands, change from being oxygen enriched or aerobic, to being anaerobic. That's why the teeth turn grey and this, in turn, is a continual source of bacteria which is breathed in. My brother's dentist was real clever. He drilled through the back of three of his front lower teeth and scooped out the nerves, putting in tidy little mercury/amalgam fillings. Well Stewart now has three grey (and getting blacker) front teeth which are a source of ill health for him and not too pretty either! A root canal operation should entail remodelling a porcelain replacement tooth and the original should never be put back in place.

The third source of ill health through the mouth is subtle but real. When we eat, the nerves are stimulated by chewing and each tooth (in it's matching quadrant) connects with eight meridians in the body. It may be okay to have the odd tooth removed but when you remove four of the same teeth e.g. the four front molars, you entirely remove the stimulation gained from chewing on that particular tooth's nerve and its corresponding meridian. Orthodontic braces, as I had when I reached puberty, normally requires removal of these front molars to make room for the front teeth to be pulled back. That means the stomach/bladder meridian gets zero stimulus. I've had stomach problems over the years but most crucially, at the age of 13 I started biting my fingernails but so seriously that they bled and caused pain. But quite inexplicably (until illuminated by Dr.Ray) I've gone for the fourth digit real bad! I have now for 27 years chewed this nail on both hands right back to the quick (sp?)! I have fingerprints formed 4 or 5 millimetres over the end of each finger but even further on the fourth digit. And I wish I could stop! The way your teeth meet when you close your mouth has a large bearing on your posture and physical gait. Most of my pain over the last twenty five years has been skeletal and muscular and I can't help but think that if these idiots weren't allowed to tinker with my mouth, much of it could have been avoided. I also feel that my teeth have gone back to their original position after the braces anyway! The treatment virtually bankrupted my (solo) mother and gave me two years of hassle at school. So consider it very carefully before believing the dental nurse and forcing it on your own young ones!

Organic gluten-free candy anyone?!!!! Great alternative to the candy battle with our kids (great prices too)

Below are both candy drops and lollipops in mixed flavor packs. They also make individual flavor packs and many, many varieties, including pomegranate, orange, cherry, etc. (real fruit).

Candy drops:
http://www.luckyvitamin.com/item/itemKey/69524 (don't forget to watch the cool video showing how it's made)


Healthy bacteria-fighting gum with Xylitol (good for prevention of ear infections):

Common Medications Cause Elderly to Lose Thinking Skills - (it includes Zantac, Detrol, and certain high blood pressure meds)

Common Medications Cause Elderly to Lose Thinking Skills
From Natural News.com

A commonly prescribed class of drugs may cause elderly patients to slow down both mentally and physically, researchers from Wake Forest University School of Medicine have found.
Drugs in the anticholingeric family prevent the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from binding to nerve cells. This slows down communication between the cells in the brain. The drugs are used to treat a variety of conditions, including acid reflux, high blood pressure, Parkinson's disease and urinary incontinence.

In one study, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, the researchers found that residents of nursing homes who were taking both dementia medication and an anticholingeric incontinence drug lost mental function 50 percent faster than patients taking only the dementia drugs.

"Over a year's time, the decline we observed would represent a resident going from requiring only limited assistance in an activity to being completely dependent," researcher Kaycee M. Sink said.

All study participants had taken dementia drugs known as cholinesterase inhibitors, which increase levels of acetylcholine in the brain. Yet 10 percent were also taking a urinary incontinence drug in the anticholingeric family.

"The two drugs are pharmacological opposites," Sink noted.

In a second study, presented at the annual meeting of the American Geriatrics Society in Washington, D.C., the researchers examined the physical effects of anticholinergics on elderly patients. They found that seniors who took anticholinergics were more likely to have more trouble walking and to walk more slowly than seniors not on the drugs.

"The results were true even in older adults who have normal memory and thinking abilities," Sink said. "For older adults taking a moderately anticholingeric medication, or two or more mildly anticholingeric medications, their function was similar to that of someone three or four years older."

The anticholinergics being taken included nifedipine (a blood pressure drug marketed as Adalat or Procardia), ranitidine (an acid reflux drug marketed as Zantac) and tolterodine (an incontinence drug marketed as Detrol).

Sources for this story include: www.washingtonpost.com.

Dangerous ingredient in store-bought almond milk (almost all of them) and most soy milk (including Silk and Greenwise) and many other processed products like ice cream, hot dogs, frostings, dressings, sour cream, chocolate milk, candy, toothpaste, etc.

Unfortunately, convenience always ends up costing us in the long run. We need to form a support group for those of us finding the desperate need to go back to the old-fashioned way (God's way) of doing things.

Carrageenan, a common food additive, is one of the ingredients in store-bought Almond milk (all brands, except Silk) and soy milk and some coconut milks, including Silk. It is known to cause inflammation and gastrointestinal issues and may promote growth of cancer tumors, and my kids and I all get stomach cramps from it. The FDA considers it safe! We need to start ditching the store-bought ones and go back to making it ourselves. Just make sure that the raw almonds (which are now all pasteurized actually) are from a good source and have not been pasteurized with chemicals.

3 Great Almond Milk recipes - Yum!:

By the way, I would consider using Carob instead of cocoa for the chocolate almond milk recipe. It may not be as yummy, but it is a healthier alternative.


What's wrong with Carrageenan:

Here's what Dr. Blaylock says about carrageenan (Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life; pg. 196):

Carrageenan is a rather new additive. It is a complex polysaccharide extract made from seaweed, and is used as a binding agent. Experimentally, carrageenan is used as an agent to induce intense inflammation in experimental animals. A recent study found that when carrageenan was injected in animals along with a cancer-causing chemical, tumors appeared more rapidly and in significantly higher numbers than in control animals injected with carcinogen alone. The same was seen when human breast cancers were implanted in animals along with carrageenan: the combination made the tumores grow faster and spread more widely than in control animals. As a result, carrageenan is classified as a tumor promotor.

A web search turned up the following information:

Review of Harmful Gastrointestinal Effects of Carrageenan in Animal Experiments
Joanne K. Tobacman
College of Medicine, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA

In this article I review the association between exposure to carrageenan and the occurrence of colonic ulcerations and gastrointestinal neoplasms in animal models. Although the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 1982 identified sufficient evidence for the carcinogenicity of degraded carrageenan in animals to regard it as posing a carcinogenic risk to humans, carrageenan is still used widely as a thickener, stabilizer, and texturizer in a variety of processed foods prevalent in the Western diet. I reviewed experimental data pertaining to carrageenan's effects with particular attention to the occurrence of ulcerations and neoplasms in association with exposure to carrageenan. In addition, I reviewed from established sources mechanisms for production of degraded carrageenan from undegraded or native carrageenan and data with regard to carrageenan intake. Review of these data demonstrated that exposure to undegraded as well as to degraded carrageenan was associated with the occurrence of intestinal ulcerations and neoplasms. This association may be attributed to contamination of undegraded carrageenan by components of low molecular weight, spontaneous metabolism of undegraded carrageenan by acid hydrolysis under conditions of normal digestion, or the interactions with intestinal bacteria. Although in 1972, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considered restricting dietary carrageenan to an average molecular weight > 100,000, this resolution did not prevail, and no subsequent regulation has restricted use. Because of the acknowledged carcinogenic properties of degraded carrageenan in animal models and the cancer-promoting effects of undegraded carrageenan in experimental models, the widespread use of carrageenan in the Western diet should be reconsidered. Key words: carcinogenesis, carrageenan, carrageenase, diet, furcelleran (furcellaran) , hydrolysis, inflammatory bowel disease, nutrition, poligeenan, promoter, sulfated polysaccharide. Environ Health Perspect 109:983-994 (2001) . [Online 24 September 2001]

A bit on degraded and undegraded carrageenan from:

There are two types of carrageenan, undegraded (food-grade) and degraded (hydrolyzed with acid). Undegraded carrageenan has been used on a huge scale in food production worldwide since the 1930s, and its safety has been assured by the FDA Gras status.

I also recommend avoiding brands of soy milk that contain the thickening agent carrageenan, a seaweed derivative, which I believe may be harmful, especially to the intestinal tract. If you are watching your weight, look for low-fat products.
Andrew Weil, M.D.

Interestingly, over the last five years, scientists have begun to explore the possible anti-inflammatory actions of St. John's wort. In a recent study, researchers decided to test St. John's wort on an animal model of acute inflammation. They injected carrageenan, an inflammatory substance, into the lung cavity of mice. This caused an acute inflammatory response characterized by fluid accumulation in the pleural cavity and a build up of various markers of inflammation. All these markers of inflammation were attenuated by St. John's wort. In addition, the carrageenan triggered increased production of nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kappaB), an inflammatory substance, in the lung. St. John's wort significantly inhibited NF-kappaB. The researchers concluded that St. John's wort extract potently reduces the development of acute inflammation.15



Food-junk and some mystery ailments: Fatigue, Alzheimer's, Colitis, Immunodeficiency.

Carrageenan enters even the intact, uninflamed gut, and damages both chemical defenses and immunological defenses. When it has produced inflammatory bowel damage, the amount absorbed will be greater, as will the absorption of bacterial endotoxin. Carra-geenan and endotoxin synergize in many ways, including their effects on nitric oxide, prostaglandins, toxic free radicals, and the defensive enzyme systems.

Years ago, I noticed that Oregon was one of the few states that still had real whipping cream and cottage cheese without additives, so I have been trustingly using cream in my coffee every day. Last week, I noticed that my cream listed carrageenan in its ingredients. Over the years, I have avoided carrageenan-containing foods such as apple cider, hot dogs, most ice creams and prepared sauces and jellies, because they caused me to have serious allergic symptoms. Carrageenan has been found to cause colitis and anaphylaxis in humans, but it is often present in baby “formulas” and a wide range of milk products, with the result that many people have come to believe that it was the milk-product that was responsible for their allergic symptoms. Because the regulators claim that it is a safe natural substance, it is very likely that it sometimes appears in foods that don’t list it on the label, for example when it is part of another ingredient.

In the 1940s, carrageenan, a polysaccharide made from a type of seaweed, was recognized as a dangerous allergen. Since then it has become a standard laboratory material to use to produce in-flammatory tumors (granulomas), immunodeficiency, arthritis, and other in-flammations. It has also become an increasingly common material in the food industry.

http://raypeat.com/articles/nutrition/carrageenan.shtml full article

Mulberry extract supplements ameliorate the inflammation-related hematological parameters in carrageenan-induced arthritic rats.
Author: Kim,-A-J; Park,-S
Citation: J-Med-Food. 2006 Fall; 9(3): 431-5

Mulberry fruit (Morus Lhou Koidz.), a rich source of the major anthocyanin, cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G), has traditionally been used for the treatment of inflammatory conditions including rheumatic arthritis. In this study, we evaluated the efficacy of orally administrated methanolic mulberry fruit extract (ME) in carrageenan-induced arthritic rats, based on previously observed in vitro antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. A significant attenuation of hind paw inflammation characterized by fluid accumulation, uric acid production, and rheumatoid factors induced by carrageenan was observed following the intake of both ME (50 mg/kg of body weight) and C3G (10 mg/kg of body weight). Moreover, alterations in hematological parameters such as serum triglyceride, high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol, and atherogenic index following carrageenan administration were partially reversed by the administration of ME. It is concluded that dietary mulberry fruit extracts elicited protection against carrageenan-induced inflammation.



How to Live With A Carrageenan Sensitivity
By tracydo, eHow Member

That yummy frosting might contain carrageenan.
For the past few years I thought I was lactose intolerant, however even switching to soy milk didn’t seem to alleviate my problems. I was fine with Lactaid milk, unless I dumped in a bunch of Nestle’s Quick chocolate and then it was painful cramps and diarrhea time. Sometimes I would have ice cream and be fine, other times I would eat it and be chained to the bathroom afterwards. I began to suspect I had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and did some research on Dr. Weil’s excellent website www.drweil.com. He recommended that IBS sufferers avoid foods or products that contain the additive carrageenan. Sure enough, I checked my soy milk, the ice cream I had eaten, Nestle’s Quick, and they all contain this thickener. If you suspect you might be sensitive or allergic to carrageenan, here are some tips:

Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions

Step 1
Tell Your Doctor – You might be allergic to carrageenan or you might be experiencing symptoms of other diseases like Celiac’s or Crohn’s. Your doctor should be able to test for the carrageenan allergy as well as rule out any other related dangers.

Step 2
Read Lables – If you aren’t already doing this, now is the time. Carrageenan is a popular thickener made from boiled down Irish moss (sometimes labeled as Irish Moss or Rock Moss) and can be found in a whole slew of products including toothpaste, frozen dinners (e.g. Weight Watchers Smart Ones), sour cream, frosting, dressings, ice cream (e.g. Ben & Jerry’s), chocolate milk, soy milk (e.g. Silk), lunch meats, soups, and candy. Keep a close watch on what you add to your shopping cart!

Step 3
Eat at Home More Often – The only way to really have control over what you have for dinner is to make it yourself. There are plenty of carrageenan free foods out there to choose from and you should be able to make all of your favorite dishes with little worry about contamination (as long as you check the labels!).

Step 4
Surf The Web – Many restaurants (especially chain ones like Panera) are aware that their customers have food allergies and are willing to list the ingredients for their meals. Scout out the ingredients on some of your favorite restaurant dishes and be prepared when you order. You can try asking the waiter/waitress if an item contains carrageenan but most of the time this is met with a blank stare (“cara-whatsa?”). You might try carrying around a card with the word carrageenan printed on it so the waitperson can take it back to the kitchen to check ingredients lists.

Step 5
Relax – Unlike giving up gluten, nuts, or soy… carrageenan is relatively easy to forgo. Try to focus on the positive. Sure, I miss ordering sour cream in restaurants or eating Ben & Jerry’s from the pint, but there are plenty of other choices (thank you Haagen-Daz!).


Breaking news: Soy protein warning - toxic chemical Hexane detected

Another consequence of our modern world!

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Dear NaturalNews readers,

I'm convinced our modern world is not only crazier than we think, but crazier than we can possibly imagine.

Take the news over these past for days, for example: The state of Minnesota orders a parent to poison her 13-year-old boy with chemotherapy because the court believes chemo is the *only* treatment for cancer that works (parental rights be damned). And the media goes along with it!

Then that's followed by a BBC report that says doctors are now insisting that ALL people older than 55 years old be put on toxic blood pressure drugs, regardless of their health status (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8057850.stm). I guess doctors are no longer necessary, huh? Just push pills onto everyone, regardless of a diagnosis.

Then you've got the Massachesetts Senate now passing a police state law that gives them the right to break into your private home and arrest you at gunpoint if they suspect you are infected with swine flu (http://www.infowars.com/swine-flu-martial-law-bill-clears-massachusetts-senate/).

And now, add to all that today's astonishing NaturalNews feature story: Soy protein is contaminated with a toxic chemical solvent that's a byproduct of gasoline refining. The chemical? Hexane.

It's found in soy protein that's used in infant formula, protein bars, "veggie" burgers and other soy products. It's a neurotoxin that could be very dangerous to the health of you and your children.

I consider it "America's melamine." Read the full details of this extraordinary breaking story here:


(And please forward this story to anyone eating soy protein in food bars, protein powders, veggie products or infant formula...)

(more below...)


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Also check out these astonishing stories: Children are now being diagnosed with kidney stones (http://www.naturalnews.com/026302.html), magnesium protects the brain (http://www.naturalnews.com/026301.html) and amazing things you probably never knew about blackstrap molasses (http://www.naturalnews.com/026296.html).

More stories below...

P.S. Thank you all for your support of the Health Revolution Petition! (www.HealthRevolutionPetition.org) Signatures have now exceeded 19,500. Please spread the word, as we need 100,000 signatures to take this to Washington D.C. and make an impact regarding the health care reform debate.


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Today's Feature Stories:

Soy Protein Used in "Natural" Foods Bathed in Toxic Solvent Hexane
(NaturalNews) Virtually all "protein bars" on the market today are made with soy protein. Many infant formula products are also made with soy protein, and thousands of vegetarian products (veggie burgers, veggie cheese, "natural" food bars, etc.) are...

Shock Diagnosis: Young Kids Now Being Diagnosed with Kidney Stones
(NaturalNews) Lisa Garnes received a call from her daughter's daycare center that every parent dreads. Emma, her 3-year-old daughter, was sick and doubled over with back pain. Lisa quickly took Emma to her pediatrician who at first thought the child had...

Recent Scientific Study: Teen Girls' Body Burden of Hormone-Altering Cosmetics Chemicals (wait till you see what was found in their blood) and How to avoid this for your family

What's in "your" blood?

Protect yourselves and your families by learning the hazard scores of all your personal care products on www.cosmeticsdatabase.com! Start reading the labels on everything. If you are not willing to eat the ingredient, then don't put it on your skin. Whether you eat it or put it on, it ends up in your bloodstream with possible severe consequences. It's really not worth "dying to look good!"

All diseases begins in the blood. If the blood is pure, we are healthy. If the blood is not pure, we are diseased. The life of the flesh, the life of man, is in the blood. All the organs feed from the blood. The organs appropriate from the blood the specific nutrients they need to remain healthy. If those nutrients are not present or have been altered synthetically, the organs will malfunction and we will become sick. The life is in the blood. In Scripture Christ reveals to us the dyer importance of keeping the blood pure. If we pollute the blood, which feeds the body, we are defiling the temple of God, which we are.

God has much better options for us than the world does. It is absolutely unnecessary to accept the synthetic products that the world is pushing on us when healthy, affordable alternatives are widely available now. Nowadays, you can even find organic cosmetics and personal care products at places like Wal-Mart at great prices. Even better, shop online at the great discount warehouses below, but make sure to run your selections against the cosmetics database first because many "so-called" natural products are not always so natural. A couple of years ago, I ran every product in my house against the database and made shopping changes accordingly. I had been using natural products for the previous six years but the database helped me to fine tune my purchases for optimal safety (i.e. I stopped buying natural products that listed fragrance, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium benzoate, etc. as ingredients). It took several hours of work initially but once I was done, I had acquired tons of knowledge that helped me identify safe options for my family now and in the future. I rarely have to visit the database now since I memorized most of the important hazard scores, but on occasion I run into a new product that sounds great and will go there to check it out. Here's a good rule of thumb: If you can't pronounce a word on the ingredient list, beware! That goes for food products too. Here is a handy wallet size Shopper's Guide to Safe Cosmetics (http://www.ewg.org/files/EWG_cosmeticsguide.pdf).

Natural Online Discount Warehouses:
www.Luckyvitamin.com (health food store brands: cosmetics, personal care, nutritional supplements, food, and much more)
www.Vitaglo.com (health food store brands: cosmetics, personal care, nutritional supplements, food, and much more)
www.Vitacost.com (health food store brands: cosmetics, personal care, nutritional supplements, food, and much more)
www.Purebodysoloutions.com (cosmetics and personal care only)
www.Bewellstaywell.com (cosmetics and personal care only)

"My people perish for lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6
Beloved, "I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." (3 John 1:2)


Teen Girls' Body Burden of Hormone-Altering Cosmetics Chemicals
Adolescent exposures to cosmetic chemicals of concern
By Rebecca Sutton, Ph.D., Staff Scientist, September 2008

The 20 teens we tested had an average of 13 hormone-altering cosmetics chemicals in their bodies.Laboratory tests reveal adolescent girls across America are contaminated with chemicals commonly used in cosmetics and body care products. Environmental Working Group (EWG) detected 16 chemicals from 4 chemical families - phthalates, triclosan, parabens, and musks - in blood and urine samples from 20 teen girls aged 14-19. Studies link these chemicals to potential health effects including cancer and hormone disruption. These tests feature first-ever exposure data for parabens in teens, and indicate that young women are widely exposed to this common class of cosmetic preservatives, with 2 parabens, methylparaben and propylparaben, detected in every single girl tested.

In Alex (Washington DC): 12 hormone-altering cosmetics chemicals. "It's frightening to learn about the many different kinds of toxic chemicals that can be found in my body. At the same time I would much rather be knowledgeable about my body's chemical makeup than uninformed; in this case, ignorance is NOT bliss."This work represents the first focused look at teen exposures to chemicals of concern in cosmetics, exposures that occur during a period of accelerated development. Adolescence encompasses maturation of the reproductive, immune, blood, and adrenal hormone systems, rapid bone growth associated with the adolescent "growth spurt," shifts in metabolism, and key changes to brain structure and function. Alterations in an array of sex hormones, present in the body at levels as low as one part per billion (ppb), or even one part per trillion (ppt), guide this transformation to adulthood. Emerging research suggests that teens may be particularly sensitive to exposures to trace levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals like the ones targeted in this study, given the cascade of closely interrelated hormonal signals orchestrating the transformation from childhood to adulthood.

Study teens use more personal care products daily than an average adult woman

Source: EWG product use surveys.
During this window of vulnerability to toxic assault, adolescent girls typically experiment with an increasing number and variety of body care products. Teen study participants used an average of nearly 17 personal care products each day, while the average adult woman uses just 12 products daily. Thus, teens may unknowingly expose themselves to higher levels of cosmetic ingredients linked to potential health effects at a time when their bodies are more susceptible to chemical damage.

Cosmetics and other personal care products are an alarming example of government and industry failures to protect public health. Federal health statutes do not require companies to test products or ingredients for safety before they are sold. As a result, nearly all personal care products contain ingredients that have not been assessed for safety by any accountable agency, and that are not required to meet standards of safety. To protect the health of teens and all Americans, we recommend action:

The federal government must set comprehensive safety standards for cosmetics and other personal care products.
Teens should make healthy choices for themselves by reducing the number of products they use, and by using our Shopper’s Guide to Safe Cosmetics to select safer products. (http://www.ewg.org/files/EWG_cosmeticsguide.pdf)
Companies must reformulate products to protect consumers from exposure to potentially toxic chemicals, untested ingredients, and noxious impurities.

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New York Times | May 14, 2009
Saving Face: How Safe Are Cosmetics and Body Care Products?
Scientific American | May 6, 2009
Many Baby Bath Products Contain Carcinogens, Report Finds
eNews 2.0 | March 13, 2009
Not Just A Cosmetic Problem
Reproductive Health Reality Check | March 13, 2009
Group Finds Carcinogens in Kids Bath Products
USA Today | March 12, 2009

More Organic gluten-free pasta info.

I finally found the page to order gluten-free Norquin organic quinoa and brown rice pasta, but it's pricey:

You can get gluten-free organic brown rice pasta at Health Hut and Amazon.com from Tinkyada brand.

If you ladies ever come across the organic quinoa and brown rice combo any cheaper please let me know.

Sami's Bread ingredients and other millet bread recipes that are gluten-free

These are the ingredients in the Sami's gluten-free, yeast-free bread. Unfortunately, it costs $5.99 (unless you order in bulk directly from Sami's Bakery) and is not made in a gluten-free facility, so there ultimately is some gluten in there. I copied the following recipes from a blog where people were trying to make similar bread. I will try one or two of them and use an egg replacement. Also, the brown rice flour needs to be organic due to high-pesitide issues in rice. I'm hoping to buy a Blendtec HP3A (similar to a Vitamix 5200) in the near future and will be able to grind the grain into flour myself. My primary desire for the Blendtec is for making green smoothies, but I found out how easy it is to grind the grain into flour and knead the dough in it too (bunch of other uses as well: (www.blendtec.com). I fould out that they just switched to a new plastic in their carafes that are BPA-free, but only the black model currently has it. The other models should have it sometime this summer.


Sami's Bread:
organic millet flour
brown rice flour
aluminum free baking powder
sea salt
organic grounded flax seed

Recipe 1:
I've been playing with millet and came up with this recipe for something like cornbread. I'm on a very restricted diet (Sears elimination) right now so no refined sugar, no eggs, no gluten, no milk.

1 1/2 c. millet flour (sifted)

1/2 c. arrowroot flour

4 heaping tbs pear butter (or can use 1/4 c. sugar or apple sauce)

2 tsp. baking powder (I use a recipe that combines baking soda, cream of tartar, and arrowroot flour)

1/2 tsp salt

1 c. water

1/4 c. vegetable oil (I used sunflower)

1 tbs psyllium husks mixed with 3 tbs water (warning this is also a laxative and so may have some side effects)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Grease 8 or 9 inch sq. pan. Combine dry ingredients. Stir in water, oil, pear butter, and psyllium husks/water mixture until moistened. Pour into pan and bake or 20-25 minutes or until brown (I used a toothpick to test for doneness).

Recipe 2:
I am so glad I came across this site. I too have a 7 year old who can not tolerate:

eggs, nuts, wheat, milk, soy, as well as a host of other things. I have found the bread "Food for Life" Millet bread (can be found at Whole Foods or ordered online) is an excellent gluten free bread. Also, have found the book, Hidden Food Allergies, to be incredibly helpful as far as supplements my child needs to help her body absorb minerals/vitamins better, etc. I have also taken her to an acupuncturist who specializes in a technique called NAET, Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques. It is a technique that is difficult to understand from a scientific viewpoint but I have seen it work wonders with my daughter. She can now eat a little wheat without problems.

I bought a cook book that might help you parents with young kids. It is "The kid-frienly ADHD & Autism Cookbook" The Ultimate guide to the gluten-free, casein-free diet. by Pamela J. Compart, MD and Dana Laake, RH, MS, LDN. I bought it for the recipes, have yet to try any but thought it might help some of you. It also comtains recipes with no glluten, milk, soy, egg, corn and nuts. Hope it helps.

I found this recipe for Hunza Millet Bread on the internet

1 c. millet flour
1 c. grated carrors
1 T honey
1 T sea salt
1 T vegetable oil
2 eggs

Combine in bowl flour, crrots, oil, honey and salt.
Mix well, then stir 3/4c of boiling hot water into the mixture. Beat egg yolks well, adding 2 T. cold water. Continue to bet and then add to the mixture. Fold in stiffly beated egg whites and bake in a hot oiled pan -at- 350 for 40 min.

Recipe 3:
I just now found this recipe so have not had the chance to try it. Hope it will be a good one.


¼ pint / 150ml water or milk

1 or 2 eggs

1 large banana

4 oz / 100g millet flour

4 oz / 100g rice flour

1 tsp / 4g bicarbonate of soda

½ tsp / 2g cream of tartar

salt to taste

2 tablespoons olive oil

Beat the banana to a smooth pureé with the milk andegg. This is best done in a liquidiser.

Mix all the dry ingredients for the bread together with a tablespoon of oil .

Fold the flour mixture into the pureé. Do not overmix and do not leave to stand at this point or you will lose the light structure tothe bread dough.

Pour the batter, 1" or 2cm deep, into a shallow 10" square baking tray lined with non-stick baking parchment.


Preheated oven

gas mark 7 425°F 220°C

Bake for 35 to 45 minutes.

Always check that a loaf is cooked by using a skewer through the middle. The loaf is not cooked until the skewer comes out clean. A part cooked loaf can be turned over on the baking tray to ensure even cooking.


Back to plastic? Reusable grocery bags may cause food poisoning


I like one of the blog comments made below the article about using Hemp bags instead of nylon. Here's the comment:
"Using those Nylon re-usable bags is equal to using about 80 plastic bags. It's tougher and can be re-used, yes, but it's still made from Oil.

Folks, you should be using re-usbale bags made from hemp. Hemp is naturally anti-microbial and doesn't suffer the issues mentioned above to the same degree. Hemp is 8 times stronger than cotton, and can be washed over and over.

I have about 5 Hemp re-usable shopping bags and they are in fine form. They get washed once a month and I can guarantee you that there is no bacterial contamination.

This article points to the fact that we have to maintain our re-usable bags. Just use your common sense - if your bag is smelly or you can see things in it, it probably needs a wash. If you can afford to switch to Hemp bags, do it. It's the best re-usable shopping bag that you can use."

Great Natural Headache Soother and Best Sunscreen I've ever found

Headache Soother:
A friend recently asked me about natural alternatives to headache medicine. I have not tried this yet, but it has great ingredients and Badger is a fabulous brand (I recommend their sunscreen). I rarely get headaches, but many years ago I tried something similar to this, and the headache disappeared faster than I could realize the product was working. Hopefully, this one will be as good or better.

Gets a score of "0" on www.cosmeticsdatabase.com (best hazard score available)
Certified organic

Best Sunscreen:
Gets a score of "0" on www.cosmeticsdatabase.com (best hazard score available)
Free of Oxybenzone
60% organic (better ingredients than most other organic sunscreens and more affordable)
No nano particles
No fragrance or stinky smell
My family and I use this one, and it works!

Best Sunblock Lip Balm:
Certified Organic

Simple Recipes for Raw Nut and Seed Butters


The Role of Amino Acids in Bipolar Disorder and Mental Health - Interesting article by actress Margot Kidder


SOY products - Check out the SCOREs for almost every brand


Brain Power Smoothie - yummy/easy recipe, ADD/ADHD article, and testimony (gluten-free, dairy-free)

I have been making this for my family for a few months for breakfast. It tastes great and is full of power-packed nutrients with amazing benefits for the brain and body. Play around with the fruit to your family's liking. Our favorite so far is peaches and banana. Brianna likes it best with only banana. The recipe below is in bold, and my comments are in parenthesis/italics next to each ingredient.


Brain Power Smoothie * * * *
(Recipe from www.hacres.com)

Approx 6 to 8 ounces of organic apple juice, almond milk, or rice milk

1/4 cup frozen organic blueberries or other frozen organic fruit (frozen is optional)

1 to 2 rounded tablespoon of Nutritional Essentials Vanilla flavor (I only use 1 Tbs. to save money; get it from http://www.1inhealth.com/products/nutritional.htm and let them know that Miriam Moss referred you)

2 to 3 tablespoons of freshly ground organic flax seed or the Hallelujah Acres B/Flax/D supplement. (I use 1 Tbs. of Bob's Red Mill Organic Golden Flax Seed or Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseeds from www.Luckyvitamin.com)

Also very helpful, add 200 mg of DHA (the contents of 1 or 2 capsules) for the first month and then reduce to 100 mg (I don't add this part to the smoothie but give them a separate food-based supplement that is high in omegas)

1 ripe banana blend and enjoy twice daily. (I use 1/2 banana)

NOTE: Fresh raw apple juice or raw almond milk must be used for this to be a 4 star recipe. Canned or bottled juices are cooked, and would make this a 3 star recipe.

Regarding Nutritional Essentials, it's $28 for a 35-serving container without auto-ship on the website. It's $25.20 if you go on auto-ship. Call 1-800-626-5143 to order on auto-ship or on the website for single purchases.

Great article about this: http://hacres.com/diet/articles/ADD_ADHD.pdf

Great testimony about the smoothie (excerpt from the Hallelujah Acres Newsletter):
“All or Nothing”

by Dennis Daniel

Even Small Changes Yield Health Benefits

The power of a smoothie

We have found, in many instances, that

making only a minor diet change can result

in improved health. I can give you a good

example. A couple of friends of mine have

a son who was diagnosed with ADHD. He

was prescribed Ritalin. After taking the

drug for some time, his behavior showed

no significant improvement. After

attending a God’s Way to Ultimate Health

seminar at Hallelujah Acres and learning

about the “brain power smoothie” recipe

on our website, they decided to serve one

of these to their son every morning. Even

though the young man was addicted to the

SAD (Standard American Diet) he enjoyed

the taste of the smoothies because they

were made with (among other ingredients)

fresh blueberries and a vanilla-flavored

supplement called Nutritional Essentials®.

Within days, my friends reported that their

son’s teachers began to telephone them and

ask what new “medication” he was on. Not

only was his behavior much improved, so

was his concentration and overall work

ethic. Many of his teachers stated that they

were certain the Ritalin did not cause his

rather sudden improvement because most

children tend to become overly relaxed,

perhaps even lethargic, under the influence

of this particular medication. Their son, on

the other hand, had begun to show more

interest in his schoolwork and his

interaction with other children had become

much more pleasant. Keep in mind that

this young man’s parents did not change

his entire diet; they simply began serving

him a fruit smoothie.

Was this young man on the Hallelujah

Diet? To the degree that a particular need

in his life was addressed, we could answer

“yes.” Although he changed only a minute

portion of his diet, he experienced an

improvement in his overall health.