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Thursday, November 12, 2009

DR OZ SHOW TODAY: What to do to avoid the DANGERS of DRINKING and BATHING WATER (the bathing issue is especially important for KIDS!)

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The shower filter and whole house filter he showed look exactly like the ones on www.ewater.com/2020.

By the way, I just bought the whole house filter and love it! No more yucky smell when opening the faucets and much different hair-washing experience! When you get a whole house filter on the above website you also get a free reverse-osmosis system for the drinking water (choice of under or over-the-counter system). Click on the special combo on the home page that says "LIMITED TIME OFFER." According to Fred Van Liew, the Water Doctor, even if you get the best whole house filter, you still need to use a reverse-osmosis system (or distiller) for the drinking water to get optimum purity. Then you oxygenate, alkalize, and re-mineralize it the right way.

Video of the show's water segment:

All for God's Glory,
Miriam Moss

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