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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's in your calcium/mineral supplement (lead, mercury, arsenic, nickel)?

In California, proposition 65 makes all manufacturers limit the amount of heavy metals in minerals such as (lead, mercury, arsenic, nickel). So there are standards in CA. Other states do not have the same standards, therefore, if your manufacturer is located in another state; they don't have these standards, by law. This means that the majority of minerals sold in the US have high amounts of these heavy metals. Also, check your supplements, and if they contain minerals as a part of the formula, the minerals probably contain high amounts of heavy metals. Remember, there is no Minimum Daily Requirement for these toxic heavy metals.
The most common form of calcium supplement today is derived from limestone. You don’t eat rocks as part of your balanced diet, why would you choose to supplement your bone health nutritional needs with limestone?
There are pure and much more effective and absorbable forms of calcium than tablets/capsules. Angstrom Minerals offer a much better solution for strong bones. See Bone Structure Support on www.ewater.com/2020. You also need sunshine for Vitamin D and weight-bearing exercise. It's possible that once you get your body into an alkaline state on a consistent basis, you may not even need calcium supplements anymore because you will have halted the acidity that was causing your body to steal calcium from your bones to neutralize the acid in your stomach. If you eat a diet rich in plant-based calcium (i.e. dark leafy greens, algae/seaweed, etc.) you can go a long way in preventing bone loss. Calcium from animal products like dairy actually worsens the situation because dairy contributes to the acidity problem.
If you have Osteo-Pena or Osteoporosis, monitor it regularly with bone density tests and see how you are doing. The body's self-healing mechanism is incredible, and bone can be re-built!

All for God's Glory,
Miriam Moss

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