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I homeschool and have a health ministry for friends, family, and health lovers world-wide. I'm totally into all-natural and avoid chemicals, food additives, etc. even in my cosmetics. I am working toward eating Vegan, Organic, and raw as much as possible (my family too). I'm married, and have two small kids and two grown step kids. Optimal Health - God's Way ".....and the fruit thereof shall be for meat (FOOD), and the leaf for MEDICINE." Ezekiel 47:12 KJV

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Great books for those of us determined to make Kingdom-driven choices with our budgets and organic co-op with great prices

Great books for those of us determined to make Kingdom-driven choices with our budgets and organic co-op with great prices

I have books by both of these ladies and have used many of their creative money-saving ideas for years.

Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy:

Mary Hunt of Cheapskate Monthly:

Many of you know that I am very cheap and make many of my own household products to save money and for health reasons. I also order almost everything online on discount warehouse websites, including organic food items at conventional food store prices. There are many creative ways to save money and make money while keeping our kids at home. You can find many of my recipes and creative ideas on my blog (see link below my name).

If any of you in Lake County, FL are interested in our organic food co-op for great prices on organic produce, let me know, and I'll get you some information.

In case you're wondering what I mean by Kingdom-driven choices, it means living our lives on Earth with our focus on taking as many people as possible to Heaven with us. If we work on simplifying our lives by focusing on our needs instead of our wants, then we can do so much more to support the global Evangelism of approximately over 2 billion people that have never heard the name of Jesus. We can do so much more for Jesus if we find creative ways to live with less.

It' so easy for any of us, including me, to get distracted by the attractive things of the world, but there is so much we can do to encourage and help each other to stay on course.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vitamin D activates your T cells to fight infections (and other news) - Get lots of sunshine!

If you're not getting enough sunshine, here's a good back-up plan from a great Vitamin D3 supplement:

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NaturalNews Tip of the day (from Mike):

Looking for a good source of vitamin D? Sunshine remains the best because it's natural and self-regulating (your body won't ever make too much vitamin D when exposed to the sun). But high-quality fish oils and vitamin D supplements are a perfectly good second choice for the winters when sunshine isn't readily available. Interestingly, even tanning beds have been proven to boost your body's production of vitamin D.

Dear NaturalNews readers,

There is an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency sweeping the world, and now we know why this is so important: New research reveals that vitamin D "arms" the immune system T cells, allowing them to protect you from invading microorganisms.

It gets even better: Vitamin D prevents cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and much more. Read the latest on vitamin D in my feature article here:

Here's more research on vitamin D: It slashes the risk of bowel cancer by an amazing 40 percent:

Yet more research shows that vitamin D improves insulin sensitivity, thereby helping prevent type-2 diabetes:

More news continues below on how phthalates cause ADHD, the soy controversy and more...

Monday, March 1, 2010

How to protect your health from FULL-BODY AIRPORT SCANNERS

Find the Healthy Answer to Full Body Airport Scanners
Saturday, February 27, 2010 by: Christopher Babayode , citizen journalist

(NaturalNews) While governments and aviation authorities the world over contrive to increase the dose of ionizing radiation travelers are exposed to by installing full body backscatter scanners, the real question we should concern ourselves with is how do we protect our health in the face of the inevitable.

Make no mistake about it, they will be installed and we will be subjected to these searches whether we like it or not. This imposition follows the precedent set after the terror attacks of 9/11. The infringement of civil liberties is nothing new in these times and shouldn't come as a surprise especially as most nations have declared a war on terror.

Supporters of the scanners will probably tell you that this measure is taken with everyone's safety in mind. They will also tell you that the doses of radiation used in the backscatter technology are within safe limits. What they won't tell you is that there is no such thing as a safe dose of radiation. The effects of exposure to radiation are cumulative. Increased and repeated exposure accumulates in the body and continues to damage tissue and organs.

Safe dose theorists have been shown to be mistaken by the work of the late Dr John Gofman (the considered expert on radiation) who is quoted as saying "there is no dose of radiation below which the risk of malignancy is nil". This being the case you should make every effort to avoid additional exposure wherever you can. With the inevitable looming on the horizon what are reasonable steps you can take to minimize this health debilitating measure?

First and foremost get educated and grow an awareness of the potential sources of radiation you are exposed to in the manner by which you live your life. If you think you are at particular risk get professional help or at the very least get yourself a Geiger counter and minimize your exposure as best you can. Remember exposure is cumulative so all exposure adds up and affects your health.

Secondly get a nutrient dense eating plan in place. Ionizing radioactive particles are somewhat opportunistic. Some of them bear similar resemblances to regular nutrients found in our diets. If you are lacking these in your regular diet you increase the chance that your body will absorb the radioactive counterparts in their absence.

Supplement and cover all bases. Start an advised and considered supplementation program; make sure you get the vital nutrients YOU need. Your biochemical individuality is a key expression of the way you function to remain optimally balanced and healthy. Support your needs through understanding your unique requirements.

Supplement with Alginic acid. Alginate as it is otherwise called has the ability to draw radiation out of the body better than most other substances. Adding alginate to your diet is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and continually remove absorbed radiation from your internal environment. The best source of alginate is raw seaweed; use it in salads and soups to maintain its health protective properties.

Radiation whether ionizing or non ionizing is a natural phenomenon and has been with us from the very beginning of time; what's changed is our ability to withstand its negative effects on our physiology. All fliers are subject to increased doses of radiation exposure because the atmosphere lets in more ionizing radiation the further away you fly from the earth's surface. The more you fly and the more you surround yourself with modern technology dependent on radiation, the more you should consider a comprehensive protection program to guard against radiation and jet lag.

Radiation & Human Health
- Dr John W. Gofman.

Fighting Radiation & Chemical Pollutants with Foods Herbs and Vitamins
- Dr Steve R. Schechter

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Radiation Basics Homepage http://www.epa.gov/radiation/unders...