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Monday, October 19, 2009

Brain Power Smoothie - yummy/easy recipe, ADD/ADHD article, and testimony (gluten-free, dairy-free)

I have been making this for my family for a few months for breakfast. It tastes great and is full of power-packed nutrients with amazing benefits for the brain and body. Play around with the fruit to your family's liking. Our favorite so far is peaches and banana. Brianna likes it best with only banana. The recipe below is in bold, and my comments are in parenthesis/italics next to each ingredient.


Brain Power Smoothie * * * *
(Recipe from www.hacres.com)

Approx 6 to 8 ounces of organic apple juice, almond milk, or rice milk

1/4 cup frozen organic blueberries or other frozen organic fruit (frozen is optional)

1 to 2 rounded tablespoon of Nutritional Essentials Vanilla flavor (I only use 1 Tbs. to save money; get it from http://www.1inhealth.com/products/nutritional.htm and let them know that Miriam Moss referred you)

2 to 3 tablespoons of freshly ground organic flax seed or the Hallelujah Acres B/Flax/D supplement. (I use 1 Tbs. of Bob's Red Mill Organic Golden Flax Seed or Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseeds from www.Luckyvitamin.com)

Also very helpful, add 200 mg of DHA (the contents of 1 or 2 capsules) for the first month and then reduce to 100 mg (I don't add this part to the smoothie but give them a separate food-based supplement that is high in omegas)

1 ripe banana blend and enjoy twice daily. (I use 1/2 banana)

NOTE: Fresh raw apple juice or raw almond milk must be used for this to be a 4 star recipe. Canned or bottled juices are cooked, and would make this a 3 star recipe.

Regarding Nutritional Essentials, it's $28 for a 35-serving container without auto-ship on the website. It's $25.20 if you go on auto-ship. Call 1-800-626-5143 to order on auto-ship or on the website for single purchases.

Great article about this: http://hacres.com/diet/articles/ADD_ADHD.pdf

Great testimony about the smoothie (excerpt from the Hallelujah Acres Newsletter):
“All or Nothing”

by Dennis Daniel

Even Small Changes Yield Health Benefits

The power of a smoothie

We have found, in many instances, that

making only a minor diet change can result

in improved health. I can give you a good

example. A couple of friends of mine have

a son who was diagnosed with ADHD. He

was prescribed Ritalin. After taking the

drug for some time, his behavior showed

no significant improvement. After

attending a God’s Way to Ultimate Health

seminar at Hallelujah Acres and learning

about the “brain power smoothie” recipe

on our website, they decided to serve one

of these to their son every morning. Even

though the young man was addicted to the

SAD (Standard American Diet) he enjoyed

the taste of the smoothies because they

were made with (among other ingredients)

fresh blueberries and a vanilla-flavored

supplement called Nutritional Essentials®.

Within days, my friends reported that their

son’s teachers began to telephone them and

ask what new “medication” he was on. Not

only was his behavior much improved, so

was his concentration and overall work

ethic. Many of his teachers stated that they

were certain the Ritalin did not cause his

rather sudden improvement because most

children tend to become overly relaxed,

perhaps even lethargic, under the influence

of this particular medication. Their son, on

the other hand, had begun to show more

interest in his schoolwork and his

interaction with other children had become

much more pleasant. Keep in mind that

this young man’s parents did not change

his entire diet; they simply began serving

him a fruit smoothie.

Was this young man on the Hallelujah

Diet? To the degree that a particular need

in his life was addressed, we could answer

“yes.” Although he changed only a minute

portion of his diet, he experienced an

improvement in his overall health.


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