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Monday, October 19, 2009

Scientific Lab Testing results on eXfuze Seven+ by major universities - "WOW!!!," said Dr. Booth of BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY who tested it without telling eXfuze first

It all started when Dr. Gary Booth's wife came home with a bottle of Seven+ and asked him to try it. He asked her how it worked, and since she didn't know, he took it to his lab to find out for himself. After running some of his tests, he called the eXfuze corporate office and said, "Do you realize what you have here? Wow!"
By the way, Dr. Vitori (mentioned below) is not only a world renowned scientist, but he is 1 of only 5 scientists in the world in his league.
The information below is just the beginning. The doctors are planning more scientific testing and have already sketched some ideas.
I personally saw the slides showing the test results and praised Jesus for putting this in my life two years ago when I was ready to give up on my health and was overwhelmed with all my diseases! It changed my life dramatically, but I cannot express how encouraged I am by so many of you whose lives have also been changed by it. Thanks for coming back to me with all your wonderful feedback, especially those of you who keep discovering new benefits even after a year, and for sharing the free bottle website with your loved ones too.
God bless you all!
Free full size bottle (30-day supply) available until the end of September only ($2.99 s/h). If you have any trouble ordering call corporate at 561-646-4515.
Dr. Marcus Kuypers, Dr. Joe Guarnera, Dr. Gary Booth, Dr. Natale Vitori, and Dr. Ahmed shared their professional opinions on the eXfuze brand of products and all concluded that "The eXfuze brand of products provide the raw materials to the body to help the body heal itself*."
Each of the doctors acknowledged the damaging effects of inflammation on all of the body's systems. Thankfully, eXfuze has products that can help the body protect itself, heal itself, regulate itself, and maintain itself*.
This was demonstrated through several scientific studies that have been completed in reputable university laboratories such as the University of Miami, Brigham Young University, and Purdue University.
Dr. Gary Booth of Brigham Young University conducted independent studies that show empirical data as to the effectiveness of the eXfuze brand of products on human cells. Dr. Booth's studies showed that 80%+ of abnormal cells died when Seven+ was introduced! As Dr. Booth said, "WOW!!!"
Dr. Booth also says that the studies show that Seven+ is very bio-active on free radicals and is loaded with anti-oxidant activity!
Dr. Natale Vitori, world renowned scientist, explained the incredible science of Fucoidan and Brown Seaweed extract. Around since pre-historic times, Fucoidan has created mechanisms to protect itself. It is a complete polysaccharide with tremendous anti-viral*, anti-inflammatory*, anti-flu*, tissue regenerative*, and neuron protecting properties*.
Purdue University tested the purity of Fucoidan in the eXfuze brand of products by conducting a molecular weight analysis, chromatographs, composition analysis and other tests. Present in every bottle of eXfuze products are four critical complex sugars that are ONLY available from ingesting algae! These complex sugars are critical to your brain health.
Shown in clinical studies by Thomas Incledon at the University of Miami Department of Exercise and Sport Science as a natural source for increasing energy, boosting stamina and sustained endurance. eXfuze's PROformance Blend helps metabolize carbs, proteins, and fats into energizing fuel*, allowing improved muscular strength*, improved oxygen uptake*, and improved aerobic performance capacity*!
In summary, the eXfuze brand of products provides your body with the raw materials so that the body can defend itself*, repair itself*, regenerate itself*, regulate itself*, and maintain itself in ALL body systems*. And, the science proves it.

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