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Monday, October 19, 2009

DENTAL RELATIONSHIP TO Hormone Imblalances and other Illnesses (serious stuff)



In Germany, England and many other countries, the teeth can be a focal disturbance and the cause of any disease including fibroids, cysts, tumors and endocrine problems. The teeth are energetically connected to organs and glands through an acupuncture meridian correspondence. Hormones can be severely affected by root canals, abscesses, dissimilar metals, mercury toxicity and a bio incompatibility of dental materials. Therefore, it is important to address all dental stress on patients.

Every organ and every part of your body is directly linked to a specific tooth or area of the mouth via these meridians, or energy highways. This connection is so strong that a biological dentist can often accurately "guess" your dental history simply by reviewing your physical symptoms. Root canals create disturbing energetic roadblocks in the body which short-circuit essential pathways leading to the breakdown of proper organ function. If a person has a weak organ, a root canal performed on the associated meridian tooth will make it more problematic. Balancing and strengthening the organ can allow a person to handle it temporarily.


The Mouth

The mouth is a source of ill health in three distinct aspects. Firstly and quite obviously, Mercury Silver Amalgam fillings, secondly, root canal operations and more generally tooth removal.

Amalgam fillings are a no-no and the white resin ones should be used instead. If molars need refilling you might have to go the whole hog and pay for porcelain inserts to be made and cemented in with white resin. Mercury is the most toxic metal known to man, yet the word is that when combined with silver, it bonds so tightly that nothing can escape. Well that's shite! Mercury has a 'half life' of forty years - that means as much as half may have decayed and been released as vapour in this time. Sure, it's combined with silver before going into the mouth but much of it will still decay over the years. Dr. Ray's research shows that the safe level of mercury exposure permitted in industry in a 40 hour week can be achieved in 10 seconds of chewing! If you have more than eight fillings, you must be checked to see if your immune system has responded to mercury toxicity. Again, you can't trust your Doctor or Dentist on this one as they have been lead to believe that mercury can be tolerated and in the case of Dentists, most have spent their entire career putting the stuff in, believing it to be safe! Dentists themselves are exposed to Mercury vapour as they mix it there in front of you in a small mortar and pestle. Dentists have the highest level of alcoholism, suicide and broken marriages in the medical profession!

I grew up in New Zealand where every primary and intermediate school has a Dental clinic right there on the school grounds. But it turns out that most of the dental nurses were qualified with only a diploma and were 'practising' putting fillings in children who were genuinely considered 'not be able to perceive pain'. I've seen this in writing! I was certainly able to perceive pain! The nickname for the dental clinic in N.Z. Schools is 'the murder house' and I have memories of endless drilling and pain! Remember, this is the days before high speed drills and Novocain. From the age of nine until fifteen I had no fewer than twenty three amalgam fillings put in my mouth by these Morons. After Orthodontic braces at twelve and a half I'd also had the front four Molars removed leaving me with 28 teeth and 23 fillings! At age 15 my physical problems began and my behaviour had also flipped out and I was expelled from school. I could have been a genius but I was relegated to sweeping out school busses, counting sheets of paper, marking out the running lanes on the sports field etc. etc. all during school time. At 13 I was tossed out of the school orchestra for two weeks while they did a tour of the north island, only to be asked back in on their return. I remember when I was 14 that a bunch of us tough, difficult kids were sent off for three days to a camp in the forest solely to clean up and paint the place. Now that's what I call edumacation!

The second cause of ill health through the mouth is root canal operations. These are where the dentist considers the nerve feeding the live tooth to be dead and so carves out a cavity, inserts a post and then remounts the original tooth in place. Big mistake! Teeth are alive and when you place them back in the mouth without the nerve feeding them, they turn grey, then black with bacteria and die. The minute passageways through the tooth, of which there are ten of thousands, change from being oxygen enriched or aerobic, to being anaerobic. That's why the teeth turn grey and this, in turn, is a continual source of bacteria which is breathed in. My brother's dentist was real clever. He drilled through the back of three of his front lower teeth and scooped out the nerves, putting in tidy little mercury/amalgam fillings. Well Stewart now has three grey (and getting blacker) front teeth which are a source of ill health for him and not too pretty either! A root canal operation should entail remodelling a porcelain replacement tooth and the original should never be put back in place.

The third source of ill health through the mouth is subtle but real. When we eat, the nerves are stimulated by chewing and each tooth (in it's matching quadrant) connects with eight meridians in the body. It may be okay to have the odd tooth removed but when you remove four of the same teeth e.g. the four front molars, you entirely remove the stimulation gained from chewing on that particular tooth's nerve and its corresponding meridian. Orthodontic braces, as I had when I reached puberty, normally requires removal of these front molars to make room for the front teeth to be pulled back. That means the stomach/bladder meridian gets zero stimulus. I've had stomach problems over the years but most crucially, at the age of 13 I started biting my fingernails but so seriously that they bled and caused pain. But quite inexplicably (until illuminated by Dr.Ray) I've gone for the fourth digit real bad! I have now for 27 years chewed this nail on both hands right back to the quick (sp?)! I have fingerprints formed 4 or 5 millimetres over the end of each finger but even further on the fourth digit. And I wish I could stop! The way your teeth meet when you close your mouth has a large bearing on your posture and physical gait. Most of my pain over the last twenty five years has been skeletal and muscular and I can't help but think that if these idiots weren't allowed to tinker with my mouth, much of it could have been avoided. I also feel that my teeth have gone back to their original position after the braces anyway! The treatment virtually bankrupted my (solo) mother and gave me two years of hassle at school. So consider it very carefully before believing the dental nurse and forcing it on your own young ones!

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