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Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Like" this new Facebook fan page and qualify to WIN GREAT HEALTHY PRIZES!

"Like" this new page and qualify to WIN PRIZES! Random winners will be selected everyday over the first 30 days of its launch!

Here is this amazing company's fabulous mission to help impoverished children around the world and change the health of the entire planet while at it:

Before he founded eXfuze, Rick Cotton founded VivaKids, a division of To Every Nation, a non-profit that works with underprivileged and undernourished children all over the world. During Rick’s nearly ten years abroad, he witnessed the effects of poverty, hunger and hopelessness in every country he visited. Driven to do more to help children around the world, and after witnessing his father’s remarkable recovery, Rick was moved to “build a company and use network marketing as a vehicle to create a huge opportunity for children in need.” Rick, alongside his brother and cofounder of eXfuze, Don Cotton, set out to change the health of the entire planet. Currently, one percent of the gross revenue from eXfuze goes directly to VivaKids to meet the basic needs of children. This is the foundation of the company and has been in place since the very first bottle of eXfuze product was sold. The VivaKids Child Sponsorship Program provides quality education, health care, nutritious meals, life skills training and hope for a brighter future to hundreds of children in the Dominican Republic for only $32 a month. Though a partnership with VivaKids, the CIMIV Children Center in San Pedro, Dominican Republic, built an 11,372 square-foot vocational school, which will provide technical education to youths and adults in fields such as computer applications, electrical training, health and beauty, plumbing, baking, and business administration. The VivaKids team in the Dominican Republic worked tirelessly to build a fish farm to produce several hundred pounds of tilapia and vegetables, which will provide invaluable nutrition, as well as allow children to sell their harvests to their communities. The latest harvest provided a fish fry for an entire community. There are several more projects in the works, including building a house for a family in need. “VivaKids is what we’re building the company on. It’s not an afterthought; it’s the reason the company was founded, the reason it exists,” says Rick.

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