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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The importance of a mattress!

Most of us know that a bed mattress needs to be replaced at least every 10 yrs, but we often try to get by on longer. I know I did! I still have the one my hubby and I purchased when we got married almost 13 yrs ago. Unfortunately, about a year ago it was starting to cause me back pain. The same thing was happening to a friend who was still sleeping on her wedding mattress too.

So instead of replacing the mattress (still trying to save money), I ordered a magnetic mattress pad that is about 2 inches thick, and the pain stopped the first night and never returned. Yay!

I got this one because my flexible spending account covered it, but there are less expensive options on this wonderful website:

Even if you sleep alone on a full or queen size bed, you can order a twin size mattress pad to save money if you only sleep on one side of your bed. Also, if you share a bed you and your husband may want different types of pads so you can each get your own if you purchase twins.

I highly recommend magnetic mattress pads! Yes, I still have to replace the mattress eventually, but I love my mattress pad!


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