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Friday, June 1, 2012

Product Review: Reasons to ditch your current supplemental juice for Seven+ PROformance

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Reasons to ditch your current supplemental juice for Seven+ PROformance

It has been several months since my first post about Seven+ PROformance. In my first post I shared that Seven+ PRO is not a juice. It’s a botanical supplement that fuzes together extracts from seven of the world’s most powerful superfoods.
It has come to my attention there are other bottles out there that are marketed as health supplements but are no more than over-priced juices. I want to warn you to check the ingredients carefully. Many of them may have a superfood listed, but generally they are mostly just juice in a fancy bottle.
Don’t waste your time on juices! You can get more benefits from eating the whole fruit since you have the fiber included.
You want to be sure instead that you are getting the concentrated extracts of superfoods not juices from common fruits.
Further, you want to be sure those juices do not contain sodium benzoate - a highly carcinogenic chemical. Unfortunately, I have found other brands do contain this toxic chemical. The danger is when sodium benzoate is combined with Vitamin C (in the juices) it creates Benzine, a carcinogen.
Seven+ PROformance does not contain sodium benzoate. It contains these superfoods:
Noni - supports the immune system and is anti-inflammatory
Gac - supports vascular health and cellular rejuvenation for smooth skin
Goji - improves eyesight, protects the liver, improves cardiovascular circulation
Acai - rich with antioxidants and amino acids, potassium, calcium, and more vitamins
Mangosteen - combats and neutralizes free radicals, supports intestinal health
Seabuckthorn - 12X the amount of Vitamin C as found in an orange, is anti-aging
Fucoidan (Brown Seaweed) – nutrition closely resembles human breastmilk, detoxifier
as well as pomegranate and aloe vera extract.
Seven+ PRO contains pure, concentrated extracts that are non-GMO and certified Kosher.
The good news is you only need one ounce a day – that’s how concentrated it is.
Diabetic? Unlike their competition, Seven+ has less than 2 grams of sugar (naturally-occuring from the extracts) per serving. My husband can take this without causing a spike in blood sugar.
You can read more about the science behind the extracts here.

Want two bottles for the price of one?

One bottle will last you a month. One dollar a day will feed your cells superfoods that are generally unobtainable. I can get apples and pears locally, but noni? Seabuckthorn? Fucoidan? Supplementing withSeven+ PRO is the only way I can get these wonderful superfoods.
I only wish I had access to these while pregnant with my children. Fortunately, they can consume Seven+ now.
I am pretty low-maintenance when it comes to supplements, but Seven+ is one I don’t want to be without. When it comes to my health, and the health of my family, quality counts.
If you feel the same, please contact me about getting a special deal only for new customers: with a special coupon you can get two bottles for the price of one! Don’t miss out.

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Lea is a Certified Health Coach graduate from Beyond Organic University.

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