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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let’s Discuss…Punctuation (Periods and Question Marks) - FOR LADIES ONLY

Note from Miriam:
The Natracare brand mentioned below is available at discount on www.LuckyVitamin.com. Seventh Generation products are available there also. I thought it was just me, but since I switched to these healthier brands I don't go through as many either. Now I know why. Read on.....

Let’s Discuss…Punctuation (Periods and Question Marks)
By Laura · Jul,14 2009

First let me warn any male readers that may be visting here today. You really probably want to stop reading now and go…I don’t know…hit a few golf balls or something. This discussion is sort of “for girls only, boys not allowed”.

Okay, ladies…have they all left? Would someone in the back please close the door? Alright now…everyone come closer.

I’ve been wanting to have this discussion for a while. About punctuation. Periods to be exact.

I kind of thought I was the crazy one. The only one. Until I had a discussion with some girlfriends of mine several months ago about…punctuation. They were experiencing the SAME things I was.

I never really thought that the brand of “punctuation products” I used mattered very much so I would just use coupons and get regular ol’ Kotex at the store for a pretty good deal.

Then I started developing a minor irritation which month after month turned into an incredibly horrible itchy miserable rash. And it wasn’t on my elbow if you know what I mean.

Not only that, but my uh…punctuation was lasting forever. A long time. Seemed to be longer each month.

I thought it was just me. Not so…according to some of the people I talked to.
According to one of my friends (and I’m really sorry that I can’t find the research to back this up) some companies are actually putting chemicals on their products to make your punctuation last longer and be heavier so that you will go through lots more of their products and buy more. Are you kidding me? (Again, I have no official research to back this up.)

BUT…I immediately ordered the Natracare brand to test it out for myself. They are chemical and additive free. They are biodegradable and contain organic materials.

I noticed a difference right away.

First, the miserable rash went away. Hallelujah!

Second, the very first month I switched over, my punctuation was several days shorter and quite a bit lighter. The second month…same thing. Third month…same thing.

Uh-huh. Amazing. If at all possible I will NEVER use regular punctuation products from the store again. The Natracare products have made a huge difference for me each month and I love it. (Well, as much as you can love monthy puctuation that is.)

I don’t even care that they cost a little bit more. Actually…I bought a whole case at once and considering that I go through less of them each month…I’m actually not spending more. Hah!

Here’s what I got:
Natracare Natural Ultra Pads with Wings, Long, 12-Count Boxes (Pack Of 12)
Natracare Pads Ultra With Wings 14 ct ( Six Pack)
Natracare Natural Pads, Slender, Case of 12- 20 Count Boxes (240 Pads)

There are tons of other varieties…those just happen to be the ones that work best for me. (Wow, do you know way too much about me or what?)

Now, eventually I’d like to look into cloth cotton pads (Sckoon Organic Plus Cloth Menstrual Pads with Leak Resitant Sheet Mini Daisey) in order to save money in the long run and prevent waste. Anyone have any experience with these that they can share?

I realize this sounds like an infomercial. Really it’s not. Natracare is not paying me to tell you these things. It’s just that they made a big difference for me and well…I like all of you an awful lot and wanted to tell you about it just in case they can help you too.
Because it is not fun to have question marks about your periods.


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