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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How does Juice Plus compare with eXfuze Seven+? A question I'm often asked.

Updated 3/27/18 (original article published 2/16/11):

Juice Plus Orhard and Garden Blend is a good product. I've known about it for many years and my husband was on it for several months back in 2001 with no results to report. The reason it is not on my spreadsheet that many of you have seen is because I'm only comparing the "elite" healing products on the market. JP does not fall into that category.

JP contains the basic fruits and veggies that we have available at the supermarket and/or through organic food co-ops. These are important foods to be consuming in their "natural" form bcs they provide us with much necessary "fiber" to keep our digestion healthy. In JP the fiber has been removed, therefore, you still need to buy those same foods at the store to get the fiber. JP is not 100% organic. It is only about 50%, which is a concern bcs a lot of the foods in it fall into the Dirty Dozen list by EWG. Those are very high pesticide foods that need to be purchased organic only or not purchased at all. If you were to ask me if I would feed JP to my own kids, I would have to say no. Instead I focus on feeding them those types of foods daily in organic form and give them eXfuze Seven+ for their "high level nutrition and healing." And Seven+ is "100% organic." There are so many nutrients in Seven+ that are lacking in JP and that are not available "all together" in any other product. It would cost several hundred dollars (approx. over $500) to attempt to combine all the different types of nutrients that are in one bottle of Seven+.

The bottomline is that when it comes to food, we have 3 categories: good, better, or best. JP falls into "good." There are other products I could refer to as "better" and are competitive price-wise. Then there are products that fall into the "best" category that are very expensive and unattainable for the average person. eXfuze took care of that problem by manufacturing the most expensive product on the market in a form that is the least expensive for the consumer to purchase. Their manufacturer has told them that one bottle of Seven+ costs 4 times more to manufacture than their elite competitors. However, to the consumer it is very affordable bcs we only need to drink 1/2 bottle per month at just $39.50 wholesale or preferred customer as opposed to 4-5 bottles with our competitors at about $150 per month. Why such a big difference? Bcs Seven+ is made from organic wholefood "extracts" not juice conentrates like JP and other companies. Extracts are extremely powerful and have been used for decades to heal people from conditions that had them on their death beds. The science behind extracts is amazing, especially the extracts from the elite types of foods that are in Seven+. That is why eXfuze specifically chose those particular foods to put in the product. They have outright miraculous properties (i.e. my vision improved and arthritis pain disappeared with the first bottle; many other people too). It is truly a miracle in a bottle. Because of this, when ladies who follow my health ministry come to me for recommendations on what supplements they should be taking, I am able to recommend just 3 basic things: Seven+, probiotics, and vitamin D3 (if not getting enough sunshine). Before Seven+ came along, I had to recommend over 12 different supplements instead of just 3. That is the case with JP. If someone consuming JP came to me and asked me what else they should be taking, I would have to recommend another 12 supplements to take in addition to it. But with Seven+ I can do the opposite for people and actually help them eliminate a bunch of their supplements and save tons of money.

Regarding my personal health, I have blood work, eye exams, ultrasounds, and other diagnostic tests showing the dramatic improvements. My medical documentation is so amazing that I was told by two different holistic doctors that had it not been for the improvements I experienced on this product I would be in a wheelchair by now!
P.S. One of my eXfuze distributors whose life has been drastically transformed by Seven+ since her first month on it was taking JP for 2 yrs straight without noticing any health benefits whatsoever. She canceled her JP order right after she started experiencing the amazing benefits of Seven+. She cannot believe the difference in her quality of life now. This is a woman who had been taking anti-depressants for severe depression, sleeping pills for severe sleeping issues, and lived with pain most of her life. She has been able to reduce both meds and quit several of her other supplements, ultimately saving money!

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