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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shopping List - Natural Foods

Shopping List - Natural Foods
(eat organic as much as possible: even Wal-Mart has organic options now)

Fresh Fruits/ Veggies - raw as much as 75% if you can (Target /Publix / Wal-Mart / Home Providence co-op in Clermont/ The Root Cellar in Clermont)

Organic Baby Spinach - 1 lb box (BJs / Home Providence co-op)
Organic Girl Super Greens - 1 lb box (BJs)
Organic Carrots - 5 lb bag (BJs)

Frozen mango chunks 3 lbs(BJs)
Frozen Organic Triple Berry Blend - 3 lbs strawberries, raspberries, blackberries (BJs)
Frozen Wild Blueberries - 3 lbs (BJs)
Organic Peas - 3lb bag (BJs)

(Click here for full BJs Organics list: https://www.facebook.com/notes/bjs-wholesale-club/bjs-organic-and-natural-selections/10150370567070540)

Raw Almonds / Walnuts / Pecans / Cashews / Macadamia nuts (must grind up in coffee grinder if you have diverticulitis)
- wash with veggie cleaner first and soak preferably for a few hours for better nutrient absorption (all stores: fairly cheap at Wal-Mart produce aisle / best at food co-ops or www.Luckyvitamin.com)

Organic Raw Sunflower, Pumpkin seeds, and Sesame seeds (Publix or www.luckyvitamin.com) - (must grind up in coffee grinder if you have diverticulitis)

Organic Flax Seed – best if you grind it fresh daily in coffee grinder (Publix / Lucky Vitamin)
- great on salads

Organic Oatmeal (non-instant oats) or Oat Bran - (Publix or buy NOW brand on www.luckyvitamin.com)

Beans – black, red kidney, pinto, white, black-eyed peas, lentils, etc. (all stores / organic at Health Hut or The Root Cellar)

Organic Whole grain or organic Brown Rice Pastas (Health Hut, The Root Cellar or http://www.amazon.com)

Organic Brown Rice (Wal-Mart has cheapest)

Organic Food For Life 7 Sprouted Grain Bread (frozen section at Publix: Ezekiel line)

Silk Pure Almond Milk (Wal-Mart/Publix - best to make your own almond or rice milk)

Organic Valencia Peanut Butter: Arrowhead Mills - on occasion only since peanuts are difficult to digest (health food stores) – this is the only peanut butter without fungus

Maranatha Raw Almond Butter (Publix) or Roasted Almond Butter (Wal-Mart)

Reverse Osmosis Water (Publix / Target / Wal-Mart)
- get reverse osmosis unit if possible to save money and get better quality (best one on www.ewater.com/2020)

Organic Raw Evaporated Cane Sugar (Publix / Target)
- as needed only to replace white sugar

Stevia (liquid tastes best), Raw Honey, or Raw Agave Syrup (Publix, Target, heath food stores and www.LuckyVitamin.com)

Organic Butter by Publix Greenwise (Publix only)
- to replace regular butter (use sparingly)

For emergency cravings: Back to Nature Snacks that are Casein-free (Publix/Target)

Organic wholefood liquid extract supplement and organic extract energy drink: eXfuze - Most powerful and affordable supplements ever made from the world's most sought-after superfoods
(Health Hut in Clermont, Clermont Chiropractic Center or http://www.exfuze.com/allenmoss)

Great free recipes on this blog and at http://www.hacres.com/recipes

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