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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Iron-Rich Foods (lots of Vegan choices)

Check out red kidney beans, lentils, almonds, and wholemeal bread on the table below. They are all very healthy and contain as much and more iron than beef in the same size portions. Not everything on the list is healthy, unfortunately. I also found on other websites that black beans and black eye peas are very high in iron. I cook them in the crock-pot super easy and they are delicious. I also make vegetarian chili out of the red kidney beans in the crock-pot (yummy!).

P.S. I found this on another website. Check out the statement about vitamin C:

Vegetable and Fruit Groups
Dark green, leafy vegetables, such as spinach, chard, and collard greens are good sources of iron because they tend to be low in calories and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Aim for five servings a day. Many fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, which helps your body absorb iron.



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