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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Massive USDA recall of beef already eaten by schoolchildren - 2/19/08

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 12:21 AM
Subject: Massive USDA recall of beef already eaten by schoolchildren

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Thanks to a secret slaughterhouse video that went ballistic last week, the USDA has finally seen fit to issue a massive recall for 143 million pounds of beef that may be contaminated with mad cow disease (a fact that, of course, shall remain entirely unmentioned by the USDA and the MSM). Unfortunately, they forget to mention that most of the beef being recalled has already been consumed by schoolchildren because it was sold at bulk-rate discounts to school lunch programs! Ya just gotta love these USDA num-nuts, huh? The best way to protect the profits of the beef industry is to wait until everybody has already eaten the beef before you issue the recall!

Today, we bring you a feature article that will rock your world if you're still eating beef. Learn more about not only mad cow disease, but also "energetic contamination" of beef products, and why eating beef makes people angry, fearful and violent. Click the headline below to read:

Also today: New video clip from All Jacked Up | New podcast live from the Ecuadorean rainforest | Cloned meat | The declining dollar | Air pollution and fertility | Beating cervical cancer | ... and much more!

Click any headline below to read the full story:

Health: USDA Recalls 143 Million Pounds of Beef Products Already Consumed by Schoolchildren; Slaughterhouse Atrocities Shock World
(NaturalNews) In case you were still curious to learn what really goes on behind the closed doors of beef slaughterhouses, the release of a secret video by the Humane Society (www.HSUS.org) silenced the skeptics and naysayers by revealing the horrifying...

Health: Dangers of Eating Beef and Processed Meats (All Jacked Up) (video)
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Health: Would You Like Your Meat Cloned or Non-Cloned, Sir?
If the FDA has its way, you may never know whether your meat comes from a cloned animal or not. The low hum of food advocates is slowly growing into a deafening roar as news of the FDA's new stamp of approval on cloned food makes its sweep...

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