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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Healing Cancer from the Inside Out (5-minute video preview you don't want to miss)!

Healing Cancer from the Inside Out (5-minute video preview you don't want to miss)!

Preview of video: http://ravediet.com/caPreview.htm

You can order the actual full video on: http://ravediet.com. I am planning to order it right away!

Here are some comments regarding the video:
If you think conventional treatments cure cancer...
If you think diet cannot cure cancer...
Think again.

We're happy they got the tumor. But did they get what caused the tumor...?

The most important film about cancer you'll ever see.

(Don't wait until you have cancer to see it!)

"The most important contribution to the cancer battle in the last several decades."
Brian Clement, Ph.D.

Director of Hippocrates Health Institute

"His message is dynamite."

T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.

The China Study

From viewer reviews...

"The information in this film is both stunning and priceless."

"Your film is brilliant and will bring hope to cancer patients all over the world. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful piece of work."

"Your 'Eating' DVD changed my life and 'Healing Cancer From Inside Out' is even better.

We cheered when it ended!"

"You outdid yourself with this film. If I had the money and means, I would go to every person's house and MAKE them watch it."

"I needed to pick my jaw up off the floor!"

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