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Friday, April 27, 2012

Potato/Squash Hummus recipe

I just whipped this up for the first time with leftovers! Yum!

I had some potatoes leftover from yesterday's dinner, so I decided to make mashed potatoes in the food processor. What I ended up with looked like hummus, so I decided to dip in a cracker. Surprise! It was actually really good! Even my daughter's friend liked it, and he hates squash just like my kids.

What I had on hand:
1 baked organic potato (peeled)
1 baked sweet potato (peeled)
1 cup of oven roasted organic white potato chunks (with skins on and baked with garlic and onions)
1 cup of steamed organic yellow squash slices

Other ingredients I added:
Almond milk (enough to create creamy consistency)
1 TBS organic butter
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to taste
Fresh ground organic black pepper to taste

Put everything into the food processor until well blended and creamy!


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