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Monday, April 2, 2012

Kale Chips recipe (using dehydrator)

These are really good, but I recommend using less salt. Also, you can use this recipe with swiss chard as well.

Kale Chips

by Rawket Science
Kale chips are sooo easy to make & delicious. They were so good that when we opened the dehydrater to try them, they almost all got eaten immediately!! I had to hold everyone off to get them on a plate to take a picture to post (what dedication! ; )

Easy, easy, easy.. Cut out the center tough stem part of the kale.
I used 2 big bunches of beautiful organic dark kale that we bought at the market.
Then cut each piece in 4 - You can layer & cut them all together so it it super quick.

In a mixing bowl pour a couple Tablespoons of olive oil, some (1/2t or less) of garlic, onion and chili powder, some cayenne, 1t of salt.. & I think I put 1 t of basil... & maybe a bit of cumin. Mix all together and then put the kale in the bowl and mix it into the oil mixture - I used my hands.
Spread out on dehydrator trays (I got my Mom to do this ; ) -Mom's been great!! Check it after 4 hours, but I think we left it in for about 6 - it should be crispy.

It's so good - I thought much better than chips - & you're eating kale - how amazing is this!?!


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