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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Review for GreenZilla Energy Drink: A Healthy Alternative with NO artificial sweeteners

Nourishing Treasures
Posted on January 21, 2012 by Lea Harris

I don’t know about you, but I need energy. With two small children to homeschool, a household to run, a husband to care for, groceries to buy, and food to make, my days are full (did I mention we have a dog, a cat, two goats and 64 chickens??). I do pretty well if I take my supplements, eat right, and get enough sleep.

But every once in a while there’s a day where I have not had enough sleep, yet I still need to drum up enough energy to get through the day.That’s when I need GreenZILLA to lift that fog.

GreenZILLA is an energy drink – but unlike the other energy drinks out there made with aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, sucralose, and other artificial sweeteners, GreenZILLA uses healthy sweeteners like stevia and xylitol in a whole food base.

Mental energy and physical energy – with NO jitters!

It’s simply a calming energy. Yeah, sounds odd, but you have to feel it to believe it. I wish I could invite you all over for a swig!

Many energy drinks contain USP synthetic caffeine which causes the jitters. Not GreenZILLA!

Formulated with three powerful ingredients that work synergistically, GreenZILLA contains NO artificial ingredients or synthetics. Here are the three key ingredients in GreenZILLA and their benefits…

Green Tea

We all know green tea is a wonderful alternative to coffee and even other teas. High in antioxidants, green tea is an excellent fatigue fighter. I could easily fill several posts with the benefits of green tea, but I think it’s pretty common knowledge, so I’ll move right on.

Blue-Green Algae

Rich in minerals and chlorophyll, blue-green algae also enhances energy. Not only that, it aids digestion and makes you feel full longer. There’s nothing worse than having a thousand things to do and have to stop to eat. Who has time?

Also helpful for boosting the immune system and memory function, lessening symptoms of allergies and depression, and is a great detoxifier.


I have to admit, I had to look this one up. It didn’t sound very natural. Come to findout, D-ribose is a naturally-occuring organic compound critical to metabolism. I also learned that taking d-ribose orally is effective for relieving cramping, pain, and stiffness after exercise, as well as improving athletic performance.

There’s also some evidence indicating d-ribose is helpful for sufferers of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, as well as those with congestive heart failure.

The only reported side-effect of d-ribose is the possibility of it lowering blood sugar. So if you have diabetes, this is very good news!

How to Use GreenZILLA

Stash a bottle in your purse when you’re out shopping and are feeling droopy. A swallow or two will do you just fine.

Or, if you want to be prepared, pour 3/4 of an ounce in your water bottle – that’s all you need! It has a nice lemon-lime flavor.

If you’re trying to cut out coffee, consider this as a new source of energy that has health benefits at the same time. One serving is far less than a cuppa joe! In fact one bottle is only $4.99 for three servings.

GreenZILLA comes in BPA-free bottles!http://www.nourishingtreasures.com/index.php/2012/01/21/greenzilla-energy-drink-a-healthy-alternative-with-no-artificial-sweeteners-review-and-giveaway/

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