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Friday, August 10, 2012

Great cleanse for the whole digestive tract: Oxy-Powder

Here's a great cleanse for the whole digestive tract (not just the colon) that is highly recommended by Mike Adams of Natural News. It uses time-released oxygen without any harmful herbs that are found in many cleanse products! I have personally used this at least twice and find that it's simple and effective! I bought it for about $41 on amazon.com with free super-saver shipping.

Oxy-Powder 120 count

Oxy-Powder® - Rated Best Colon Cleansing Product

Why should you choose Oxy-Powder® over other Colon Cleanse Products?

  • It is the only colon cleansing product backed by real Clinical Studies on safetyconstipation, and IBS.
  • Does not contain Harmful Herbs which can damage the delicate intestinal lining.
  • Backed with a 100% satisfaction - 90 day money back guarantee
  • It cleanses, flushes, and detoxifies your colon while you SLEEP - How easy is that!
  • Requires no mixing or drinking horrible tasting concoctions.
  • Does not require taking time off from work or interrupting your daily schedule.
  • Reduces uncomfortable bloating and excess gas! This flattens the stomach!
  • Can be used safely 2-3 times weekly to maintain normal bowel function or flush out heavy meals after episodes of overeating. Weekly use prevents food from putrefying, fermenting and turning rancid in your bowels which causes toxins to leak into your body.
  • We do not believe in using "in your face" advertising and outlandish claims to sell you our products. We provide you with real facts and documented research.
  • We use oxygen instead of potentially harmful herbs for gentle and safe colon cleansing.
  • Lifts out and bubbles away the deep-seated toxic buildup lining your intestinal walls.
  • Cleanses the whole digestive tract - not just the colon!
  • Maintains intestinal harmony while promoting friendly probiotic growth.

An unhealthy diet can put your colon at risk.

Healthy Colon

Healthy Colon

Toxic Colon

Toxic Colon

Oxy-Powder® can help cleanse it!

More details here:

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