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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How I protect my family against EMF radiation from cell phones and cell towers

The World Health Organization has officially announced that cell phone use can cause cancer! This is after many years of surgeons operating cancerous brain tumors on the side of the head where people use their cell phone most.

Dr Mercola says that kids should NOT be allowed to use cell phones except for emergencies! You will understand why when you click the 2nd link below.

The folllowing are items that my family and I use to protect ourselves -

EP2 Stress Pendant and explanation of how it works:

Cell phone protection chip (it uses German technology to protect against all 6 frequencies, some of which are missed by other chips on the market):

Whole house protection lamp:

In my family we each have a pendant and both our cell phones have the chip (together we get 99% protection). Be sure to glue the chip to the outside of the cell phone if it doesn't fit inside where the battery is or inside the phone cover. I have mine inside the phone cover so I can easily transfer it to a new cell phone if needed. We also have the special salt lamp that protects the entire house.

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