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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hallelujah Diet Testimonial: Colon Cancer and Lung Cancer Both Gone!

Hallelujah Diet Testimonial: Colon Cancer and Lung Cancer Both Gone!

“Dr. Malkmus, Like you in 1976, I was told I had colon cancer in 2008. But unlike you, I allowed the doctors to remove 12 inches of my colon. I thought everything was fine and continued eating the way I had always eaten because the doctors never told me to change my diet to prevent future cancers.

So in 2009, almost to the day I was diagnosed with colon cancer a year earlier, my lab work came back with high tumor markers. A pet scan revealed the cancer had metastasized and this time I had lung cancer.

I was so scared.

My husband and I were teaching a bible study at the time and I shared with the group of my lung cancer diagnoses and asked for their prayers. One of the people in the group told me about the Hallelujah Diet and recommended your book ‘The Hallelujah Diet.’

I purchased your book, read it, and did everything you said. Now it is nine months since adopting The Hallelujah Diet and my tumor markers are normal.

This is why I am writing you – to thank you, because I believe your book and the information contained within has saved my life.

My husband has also adopted The Hallelujah Diet and his blood pressure has gone from very high down to 117/70, his cholesterol is 153, the lowest in years.

We both want to thank you for everything you do to help others. I know that we are just two of the multitudes who have been helped by your ministry, but we wanted you to know that we have been blessed and appreciate all you do. God bless your work for the Lord.”

Mary W.

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