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I homeschool and have a health ministry for friends, family, and health lovers world-wide. I'm totally into all-natural and avoid chemicals, food additives, etc. even in my cosmetics. I am working toward eating Vegan, Organic, and raw as much as possible (my family too). I'm married, and have two small kids and two grown step kids. Optimal Health - God's Way ".....and the fruit thereof shall be for meat (FOOD), and the leaf for MEDICINE." Ezekiel 47:12 KJV

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are Your Silver Fillings Making You Sick?

Great episode on Dr Oz today! If you have silver dental amalgams, look at what happens when you brush your teeth! That's why I had my 5 fillings removed years ago, and I'm still detoxing the mercury from my organs almost 6 yrs later!

Click here to watch:

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