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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shopping List - Household Cleaning / Laundry

Shopping List
Household Cleaning / Laundry

All Items are from Wal-Mart unless otherwise noted (cheapest prices):

House Cleaning:
· Baking Soda Plastic Sprinkler Can - $2? or Borax (for stronger scrubbing power) - $3.79
· Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Wand with scrubby pad - $6-7 for start-up kit
· Clorox Pen (the only chemical I use when absolutely necessary - for small mold stains only) - $3-4
· Method All-Purpose Wipes (for quick last-minute clean-up jobs) - $3 (Target)
· Aubrey Organics Earth Aware Household Cleanser – $5.08 (LuckyVitamin.com)
· NOW Foods Tea Tree Oil – 4 oz at 11.89 (or 1 oz. at $4.17) (LuckyVitamin.com)
· NOW Foods Lemon Oil – 4 oz at 6.59 (or 1 oz. at $2.99) (LuckyVitamin.com)
· Distilled White Vinegar Gallon - $1.75
· Swiffer Duster with Extendable Handle - $7-8
· Swiffer Vac - $25 (or similar item like Quick Shine)
· Vileda long-handled, flat-head swivel mop: comes w/ attachable micro-fiber cloths - $11

· Aubrey Organics Earth Aware Household Cleanser: washes 32 loads at $0.16 each - $5 (LuckyVitamin.com)
· OxiClean Free Versatile Stain Remover – Dye, perfume, chlorine free (for soaking tough or old stains) - $9
· OxiClean * Baby Stain Soaker - Dye, perfume, chlorine free (for soaking tough or old stains) - $9.99
· OxiClean * Stain Remover Spray (for pre-spotting) or Greenworks Stain Remover - $3
· Ecover Fabric Softener (to use in wrinkle-remover recipe) - $4.99 (Publix)

· Seventh Generation Powder Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Free and Clear powder - $4.99 (Publix)
· Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid - $2.49 (Target)

Please do not run out and buy all of these at once! Buy a little at a time as you start running out of your current items, unless you need them now for the home-made recipes. However, please get Bleach products out of your house immediately, and put them in the garage due to out-gassing poisons. Never use bleach inside the house again except for the one-time drastic cleaning I mention in the Home-Made Recipes document (re-caulk your shower if necessary for stubborn returning mold).

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