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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The scientific evidence shows flu vaccines don't work 99% of the time

The scientific evidence shows flu vaccines don't work 99% of the time
by Mike Adams

(Natural News)
Do influenza vaccines really work?

It's a reasonable question. A rigorous look at the best scientific evidence, however, reveals that influenza vaccines are useless in 99% of the people who get vaccinated.

And that's if you believe the vaccine industry's own studies. In reality, the real rate of effectiveness is likely much lower.

Today I bring you a detailed analysis of the available scientific evidence which reaches some rather startling conclusions:

1) Influenza vaccines don't reduce hospitalizations and they don't reduce lost work days due to sickness.

2) Influenza vaccines don't stop influenza transmission.

3) The evidence in favor of influenza vaccines working at all is quite slim: 100 people must be vaccinated to reduce influenza symptoms in just one person.

There's more (much more) to this fascinating story. Read the details here:

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