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I homeschool and have a health ministry for friends, family, and health lovers world-wide. I'm totally into all-natural and avoid chemicals, food additives, etc. even in my cosmetics. I am working toward eating Vegan, Organic, and raw as much as possible (my family too). I'm married, and have two small kids and two grown step kids. Optimal Health - God's Way ".....and the fruit thereof shall be for meat (FOOD), and the leaf for MEDICINE." Ezekiel 47:12 KJV

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The V-Book: A must-read for every woman!

Every woman needs to read this book! It's amazing info that takes you thru all phases of life from puberty to menopause. I wish I had read it sooner! What a great resource for preventing and reversing women's unique problems, and so helpful in making the best use of doctor appts.

I bought it cheap on amazon, used.

P.S. You just have to ignore all the pharmaceutical stuff and know that there are natural alternatives for everything she talks about. Although she does mention a few natural options.


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