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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Scientific Evidence showing the Dangers of Synthetic Vitamins/Supplements and What to do About It

Vitamin Article:

Not only is there proof of this, but I have personally experienced the damage myself. If you think about it logically, it makes a lot of sense. God designed our bodies to take in a certain type of fuel in order to function properly: real, pure, living food and water. Anything else we consume is seen as a foreign invader and the body will attack it or itself in defense. You may notice the negative effect right away or years down the road (i.e. auto-immune diseases like mine). By the way, all those vitamin-fortified, processed foods we find at the supermarket (i.e. cereal, bread, milk and juice) are made with synthetic vitamins!

Unfortunately, due to the loss of healthy soil and toxin contamination of many of our food sources, including government intervention "in the name of our protection," we are forced to supplement with concentrated supplement sources. We can no longer depend on just our food supply because of how stripped down the nutrients have become, even in our beloved organic food. Here is a simple example. Our great-grandparents may have enjoyed a head of fresh, organic broccoli with their dinner on a typical day. For us "today" to try to obtain the same nutrient level that that they enjoyed from that head of broccoli , we would have to consume several heads of fresh, organic broccoli, never mind the non-organic kind! Who can eat that much food at one sitting? We are told to eat nine servings of fruits and veggies daily. However, most of us don't do that, and honestly, it's not enough nutrition anyway; we need a lot more than that quantity. Many health experts have come to this painful realization after many years of trying to reach optimal health with food only and have turned to supplementation out of "absolute" need. Here is one of "many" sources documenting this:

Now, here is the good news! There are raw, organic, food-based supplements available in abundance now. Some are very expensive and others are not, it depends on your source. You know me, I always look for the best possible product at the best possible price. Bottom line, there is no longer any need for anyone to supplement with synthetic supplements that will create artificial stimulation to the body in the short-run and become dangerous now and/or later.

I highly recommend that everyone obtain a nutrition test from their doctors in order to check all vitamin, mineral, and anti-oxidant levels. This is "not" done through the typical blood tests that we all do at our annual check-ups. You must obtain a Spectracell Nutrition Blood Test or a Genova Nutrition Test via urine (both are available with Dr. Crowley of Clermont Medical Center or Dr. Kalidas in Orlando). I did the Spectracell test with Dr. Crowley a year ago and was thrilled with the results, and so was she. My overall anti-oxidant levels tested in the "ideal" category out of low, average and ideal, but Glutathione in particular was super high. It was almost off the charts! Glutathione is the body's master anti-oxidant. The amazing part is that I had been on a raw, organic, food-based supplement (eXfuze Seven+) for a little over a year when I did the test and had cut back on many of my supplements and multi-vitamins for a year prior to the test. Needless to say, I have actual nutritional documentation that organic, concentrated food-based supplements work; I also have many other blood tests, eye exams (eyeglass prescription cut in half after only a few weeks), and various other diagnostic tests that I had done before and after (including a thyroid nogel that disappeared and two nogels that stopped growing). We hear so much fluff on how great certain supplements are, but having personal, medically-documented proof is quite another story.
Here's some more valuable info. from a doctor. I just received this newsletter today after having a synthetic vitamin conversation with some ladies earlier this morning!:
Boku Newsletter: September 1, 2009 Issue 14 - Dr. B.J. Adrezin
What are the benefits of taking a super food vs. a multi-vitamin?

My patients love that I help them reach optimal health using food and food concentrates (Super foods). Typical multi-vitamin pills should be considered the last resort for a person unable or unwilling to change their diet. If you want to gorge yourself on junk food, and then find salvation in a few vitamin pills, don't come to me as a patient. The body is not designed to absorb and use synthetic vitamin pills. Many of these pills contain very low quality artificial ingredients and chemicals to hold the whole pill together!

The truth is that many potential beneficial nutrients have not even been discovered yet! That means you won't find them in a vitamin pill, not even those expensive ones sold at high-end retail stores.

A "super food" is a truly nutrient dense food. It contains many of the already discovered nutrients, and since it is generally a whole food or juice, it contains potent nutritional factors that have yet to be discovered. Science is currently doing a tremendous amount of research on "phytonutrients." These are powerful health promoting factors that are contained in a medicinal plant. Super foods generally contain significant quantities of phytonutrients, trace minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and other potent health factors that simply cannot be replicated in a man-made, synthetic pill or capsule from a factory.

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