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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Heal Your Child Instantly of illness with a simple water enema!

Are your kids sick from too much candy, bad food, environmental toxins, etc? Try a simple water enema, but show them this video first so they can see how it works and how much better they can feel afterward! In the video a little girls gives enemas to her stuffed animals, and explains that they feel "all better" right after.

Heal Your Child Instantly!

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Greetings from Matt Monarch
The following information is for educat!on only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.
Later this week I intend to address the information shared here in a video. Surely, I will be ranting in this upcoming video, because I am so tired of people stuck in the “system”, doing everything that they are told by “authority” figures such as theirdoctors and family members, all out of fear and weakness.
The information that I am going to share today with you in this article below is so basicand obvious to me and I feel extremely sad that the majority of the people will likely just brush this info off.  I’m hoping that the many testimonials further below show you the truth behind this legitimate info.  I feel very sorry for anyone who doesn’t grasp this concept today, as your childrens’ health is on the line here…
How many times has your child been sick or you have seen a child sick, and you wanted to doeverything in your power to help this child heal? In these situations, the majority of children in our societies of course end up going to the doct0r and taking toxic pharmaceutical drugs and/or medicine. An “alternative”-minded caretaker might try natural remedies such as colloidal silver, medicinal herbs, and other concoctions to help the child heal, which inevitably fail the majority of the time. I would guess that the majority of these well-meaning caretakers end up distraught and back at the doct0r’s office too, because the alternative methods they tried didn’t quite do the trick.  
What if I told you that giving a sick child an emema may bring instantaneous healing results?!   
Please note: this article is based on anecdotal information and personal experience…  
Many months ago one of my neighbors who I was visiting was asking me if I had any Echinacea, Colloidal Silver or Ginseng. When I heard this, I knew something was going on. I asked why he wanted these things, and he told me that their child was bed-ridden. This little boy was extremely sick with a massive headache and couldn’t move. My inner core knew that the supplements they were asking for would do nothing in this case. All sickness due to purging toxicity is the same! It’s the body trying to purge out an overload of toxins that have build up. Taking these kinds of products is not going to help the body massively purge in the most beneficial way.  This concept is beingsuppressed to dum*b-down the human popluation while taking all of their money in the hospitals at the same time. 
Gently, I told these friends that I did have a few of the products they were looking for, yet my feeling was that they would get far better results from giving their child an enema instead. I even told them that the results might be instantaneous. This dear husband and wife looked at each other with their eyebrows scrunched up, smiling, stating that their child doesn’t like to do that sort of thing. I just shrugged my shoulders and let it be. I then started talking to the husband about other things for around 20 minutes. Soon enough, the wife and her little son came walking outside. The boy was on his feet, feeling completely better, as if nothing had happened. We both looked at them in surprise and the mom told us that she had just given him an enema, withamazing results!
Instantaneous results!
Again, in this kind of situation, mostchildren would surely end up going to the doct0r and taking drugs, which would leave them less healthy overall. The toxins that want to purge, don’t actually get to come out when a child takes medicine.  An enema, on the other hand, cleanses the child, leaving them more healthy. The dru*g surpresses the toxins and waste within the child’s body, while even more toxins are being added via the drugs themselves, leaving the child less “clean” and more unhealthy. In the long-run, these backed-up toxins will try to purge from the body once again and there will be even more build-up to handle the next time.  
Well, now that you are an adul*t, let’s look back, and what if every time you got sick in the past, instead of going to the hospital and taking drugs, you cleansed your colon until you felt better and got all this purging out?
Well, your child has this chanc*e if you choose this method of natural healing.
This cycl*e is ongoing and you can see why so many human bodies currently end up diseased in the long-run. We continually stop the natural purging process with drugs, and every time the body tries to unload these toxins once again, we suppress the process with more drugs. By the time we are 40, most of us have repeated this process so many times that most people find their bodies are riddled with at least one or more of the myriad illnesses plaguing humanity today.  
I shared this story of that child instantaneously healing on our video shows and since then we have received a mass of messages from many people thanking us and stating that their children felt 100 X’s better after doing an enema. A little bit furter below are a few examples from people who all0wed us to share their stories of their children healing instantaneously after doing an enema.
Before I give you these examples, let me express my fustration about this common sense information being lost in todays day and age.  Although in this ‘new age’ this natural procedure may sound foreign to you, to millions of people around the world enemas are just common sense and the first method to healing disease.  It’s the same as breastfeeding.  In this ‘new age’, breastfeeding is now inappropriate and women are scared to do this in front of friends and even family these days.  While to millions ofother people around the world, breastfeeding is absolute common sense.
Check out this one minute video below that I found on the internet of a normal child from a normal family giving her stuffed bear animals enemas.  Besides this one minute video being extremely cute and funny, this child shows you the common sense of doing enemas when sick, how it heals you, and makes you feel better.  Her parents obviously taught her this natural procedure.
Check out this video below:
Ok, now that you hopefully understand the common sense around cleansing the colon with water, here are some examples from people who all0wed us to share their stories of their children healing instantaneously after doing enemas.  These are all examples from people who watched our video about our neighbors, instantaneously healing their child with an enema. and got inspired.  Check them out!
Subject: Kids and Enemas
Hi Angela, When we got up this morning my little girl threw up and was complaining of tummy ache and generally was lolling around like a wet lettuce.
I introduced the idea to my partner that the quickest way to move through the situation would be to give her an enema. I used the video where you and Matt talked about doing the same for a friend’s child to convince them both that it was worth a try. I did not force it upon her but did emplore her to at least try it once to see what the results were. She all0wed me to do it, it was very simple and straight forward releasing some hard lumps easily and 10 minutes later she was renewed with zing and sitting down to breakfast.
Im not sure if it was on another of your shows or somebody else’s that I heard of showing more videos of children talking about how doing this simple procedure helped them. My daughter would very much like to see examples of this to reassure her that it is an OK thing to do for your health and there are other children who happily use it when they are not feeling good. I have tried looking for videos but not come up with anything as yet. Could you recommend or direct me to someone else who could?  
Just got to get my partner to try it next!
Well!  That video above with the girl giving her stuffed bear enemas might help!  Also, our friends’ child, whom I talked about further above, had hard lumps come out too.  If just all parents at least tried this… 
Here are more examples:


Hey Matt..
We did the enema last night and my daughter was on the toilet for about 30 minutes.
She was laying around for 3 days prior, sleeping mostly.. waking up every once in awhile whimpering.. vomited about 7 times over past 3 days.. had very little appetite but drank a lot of water and a couple green smoothies.
I left last night after the enema (we did 2 in a row). She was sitting up last night (rather than laying around) and had a bit of food and more water.
This morning I get a text from her mom saying “Maizey is totally perfect it seems. I am so happy!!!”
Had we listened to everyone else we would have been sitting in the emergency ro0m last night waiting to see a doct0r.
Thanks man!
Argh!  Do you see the pattern here…?  The majority of people would go to the emergency ro0m!  This is my friend, who after three days contacted me for help for his child, so I told him to do an enema.  The entire family was pressuring them… Hospital…  Hospital…  Hospital…  If he would have done an enema for her immediately, she probably wouldn’t have been so sick for three days.
Next example!

Hello Angela,
I am new to enemas, did it on me for a while. Our Daughter was very ill with cough, bronchitis, god knows what for weeks and all last fall.
We just gave her an enema, …instant relief …
What do I tell you, she was so happy and her symptoms have all disappeared.
An enema worked again!  How many times has a doct0r or family member told you that you need to go on antibiotics for things like strep throat or you might die?  This girl didn’t die.  It’s about getting the waste out.  I had a friend who had pnemonia and I convinced her to do a colonic before taking medicines and the colonic healed her. 
…and the next example!


Our 13 month old foster son has been found to be anemic and they want to
pump him up with iron and put him on infant formula.  We have been doing a
raw vegan d!et for him for the last few weeks and he seemed to us to be
getting better.  I’m wondering about enemas.  I did one on him when he had a
fever and in no time he was better, so I’m a firm believer in them.  I’m
curious though how often is safe to do them for him and how much of what
liquid is best for him (I used the water from soaked fenugreek the first
All right everyone…  What do you think fever is?  It’s a symptom from the body trying to purge accumulated waste and that is why in no time this boy was better, after doing enemas. 
Disease is usually the resul*t of one of two things: toxicity or deficiency.  In this case, I would say that the fever was due to toxicity and anemia is a deficiency.  What all of the health food institutes out there offer is the same fam0us procedure that has the potential to help people see practically all conditions heal.  This procedure includes: a better d!et, colon cleansing and green vegetable juices/wheatgrass.  If you are trulydoing all three of these things consistently for a good amount of time, you have the potential to see practically anything heal.  If it doesn’t work after truly doing this for agood amount of time, then my best guess would be it’s a spiritual phenomena that you have to figure out.
I would offer green juices on an empty stomach many times a day for this boy.  I’d get Dr. Norman Walker’s vegetable juice book to find out which juices are high in iron.  Maybe also find other ways to get iron such as blackstrap molasses (although not raw) and other things.  The enemas will immediately help to increase absorption.  I personally don’t have a child over one year old, so I don’t have personal experience with enema frequency or the amount of water.  I suggest using your intuition, just like all these other parents did.

In conclusion, this pattern for relieving disease via cleansing the colon is real. Next time you or a loved one is sick, I recommend getting a series of colonics or trying multiple enemas. For children it can actually be easier, as they are newer to this existance and usually less toxic than adults. Children have built up fewer toxins within their bodies, whereas over the years we have usually been repeteadly getting sick and taking drugs, which suppresses these toxins from being able to purge out of our bodies. Therefore, when adults embar*k on this type of healing j0urney, we’ve usually got a lot more detoxification to do. I hope that more people become willing to help children relieve illness via this simple method, rather than encouraging them to fill their bodies up with more and more toxicity.
Lastly, it’s key to not eat processed foods and only eat whole foods.  Then less toxicity can build up in the body.  People are always asking: “what does Oria eat?”  The answer is, the same exact thing her mom eats.  Oria just wants to try everything.  We don’t worry, because Angela is on a healthy, 100% Raw Food D!et.  I feel that it’s key that we as parents only eat whole foods and avoid all processed foods.  Processed foods cause toxicity and sickness like nothing else.  So, if your child is eating these types of foods, then an enema will be a quick fix, but they will just get sick again, because toxicity is constantly being added to their body.
So next time your child is sick, try an enema! ;-)

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