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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lose Weight the Safe Way with ShapeWay™!

Great article from Nourishing Treasures about the elite class of ShapeWay products! Available for purchase on my site located here (learn how to get them FREE for life):

Lose Weight the Safe Way with ShapeWay™!
Posted on January 7, 2012 by Lea Harris
I am excited to provide you with my first guest post. Stephanie Wilding will be talking about one of her favorite products from eXfuze, ShapeWay. You read my post about eXfuze’s Seven+ PROformance last week.

Looking for a healthy & safe weight management program or even just a healthier protein powder? I am so proud and excited to announce new products that are already giving results in so many ways! If anyone knows me, they know that I will not promote something that is unhealthy and harmful. I will only promote that which is of elite quality and works at a cellular level. And that, is just what eXfuze™ products are!

ShapeWay™ Meal Replacement Shake is a great way to replace a meal and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It makes a great healthy way to start the day and is also excellent for those busy days where you don’t have time for a lunch break! Also, if you are already adding protein powder to your smoothies or drinking some post-workout, please take the time to compare ingredients. I’m pretty sure that you’ll be pleased!

Click for larger image.

Why do I recommend ShapeWay™ and not other shakes?

Low Glycemic
Gluten Free
No Soy
No Artificial Flavors
No Artificial Sweeteners/Sucralose/Fructose
100%+ of the RDA vitamins
Be rest-assured that ShapeWay™ is formulated in an Organic certified facility and these ingredients are of high quality and very pure. These products are scientifically formulated for maximum cellular nutrition, energy and metabolic support. Improves muscle tone as fat is being burned as well!

An addition to the shakes are Metabolic Energizer capsules that are designed to assist the body to effectively turn fat cells into energy. They have a unique blend of 3 proprietary natural, plant-based ingredients that are clinically proven for weight loss and keeping it off. These really get to that visceral fat as it releases and burns off the fat that your body has been holding onto. Gain the benefits of increased energy from the fat being metabolized, not from stimulants and harmful excitotoxins!

Click for larger image.

I have been replacing a meal with a shake for 2 months now and I am actually loving it. I honestly prefer to eat my calories but this has been easier than I thought and I’m seeing results. I am not doing anything different than replacing a meal and just eating less for my other meals as I take the capsules before them. I’m working on just losing the hardest last bit of 10-12 pounds. I’ve gotten past my plateau and losing the belly & hip fat. I feel more energetic and my digestive system seems to really like it too!

Being on this program for weight loss will produce a healthier lifestyle as you will become motivated to exercise, eat healthier and drink more water! Improve your health, lose weight and feel great with eXfuze™ nutritional products available in the ShapeWay™ program! By visiting the website below, find out how to get them for FREE too!

Start enjoying the benefits TODAY by going to http://www.shapewaybodychallenge.com/steph or email me at x7plus@gmail.com for any questions. Don’t forget to visit my fan page too at http://www.facebook.com/SuperfoodsGalore! Be blessed with better health!

This guest post was written by Stephanie Wilding. You can contact Stephanie via e-mail at x7plus@gmail.com or on her SuperfoodsGalore Facebook page.

Lea Harris founded Nourishing Treasures in 2006. Just a mom passionate about her family's health and well-being, Lea believes education is power. Encouraging others to take baby steps in the right direction of health for their families, Lea's goal is to raise awareness of what goes into our mouths and on our bodies, providing natural alternative information that promotes health and prevents disease by using traditional foods and nature's medicine.

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Disclaimer: I use affiliate links wherever possible. So if you click on a link, and make a purchase, I might make a small commission.


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